Proud Hippie Boy’s mission is to re-connect individuals and groups with nature: personal tours all across Israel, Greece, Hungary, and Italy, thematic walks in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Budapest, Methana, and Viareggio, home restaurant events and catering vegan happenings such as weddings and birthdays, party and event hosting, talk show and round table talk hosting, and more. 

“I left Hungary in 2009, and after moving to Tel Aviv Jaffa I had to discover that there is so much destruction, hatred, and ignorance out there when people mention the Middle East. I started writing my blog to show that by discovering the talented artists, and being a part of Tel Aviv’s blossoming popular culture we have the power to change the negative consciousness. Besides the blog I’m running the Gay&Lesbian section of TimeOut Israel’s English edition, and write to several other magazines. I also published 6 books, and after a decade of living in the Middle East, often travelling to the Palestinian Territories I moved to a remote Greek village by the sea with my husband and partner, Nimrod Dagan. We self-produce, we promote minimalist living, and host digital nomad and plant based foodie workshops. My dream and goal as an individual and as a professional is to create books, films, theatre plays and articles which can help people to learn, transform, and connect to a higher source of energy.” Kristóf Yosef Steiner aka Proud Hippie Boy


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