White City Boy’s mission is to find the shiniest diamonds in the rough. Our services: personal tours all across Israel, thematic walks in Tel Aviv, home restaurant events and catering vegan happenings such as weddings and birthdays, party and event hosting, talk show and round table talk hosting, and more. 

“I live in Israel since 2009, and I had to discover that there is so much destruction, hatred, and ignorance out there when people mention the Middle East. I started writing my blog to show that by discovering the talented artists, and being a part of Tel Aviv’s blossoming popular culture we have the power to change the negative consciousness. Besides the blog I’m running the Gay&Lesbian section of TimeOut Israel’s English edition. My dream and goal as an individual and as a professional is to create books, films, theatre plays and articles which can help people to learn, transform, and connect to a higher source of energy – may it come from the beauty of a fashion show of an Israeli designer, exploring a miraculous neighbourhood of the White City, or simply just cooking a good, healthy, earthy vegan meal.” Kristóf Yosef Steiner aka WhiteCityBoy

Tel Aviv always was and will be the island of those who just want to be themselves, with no compromise whatsoever. The new „it place“ for people who believe in it that trend is not purely a manifestation of superficiality, but also an amazing way to make a point. In this urban village of white Bauhaus buildings, shiny skyscrapers beauty is not an other object to sell. It’s more of a a conceptual tool to connect us to each other and to ourselves. The White City is great for shopping, partying, and cultural experiences, but of course – just as in all the greatest shopping hot spots of the world – the exciting treasures are hidden from the high street surfers and shopping mall addicts. Everyone knows about the Dizengof Square’s colorful fountain or the Clock Tower of romantic Old Jaffa. But if you’re here to experience  the real deal, here you’ll always find the top secrets of the insider’s manual, how turn Tel Aviv on!

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