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Kristóf Steiner, writer, story teller, actor, lecturer and socialite, founder of and columnist of TimeOut Israel‘s English edition, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, easyJet Traveller, writer of 6 published books on vegan-friendly food, and minimalist living, travelling, and being a digital nomad can be hired as your personal host in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Budapest, Tuscany, Athens, and Methana, Greece, just as your private vegan cook, and as a host & promoter of your event, organisation or company.

Kristof_Utazo_2015 (17)

Photograph by Mate Czaban

With experience of leading trips and walks across the Globe, talk shows and cooking shows, catering of vegan and LGBTQ events, hosting lectures in various topics you can be sure that you are in safe hands. You can also contact this address regarding press enquiries, invitations,  or you are a designer, artist, social worker, activist, or writer wishing to be features on the blog. Alternatively you can use. For commercial partnerships, collaborations and advertising opportunities please contact…

Kristóf’s is mostly taking jobs and missions – cultural and culinary tours and influencer deals, teaching cooking classes and giving lectures – together with his husband and partner, Nimrod Dagan, who’s his left hand, sous-chef, and other half. For their social media platforms please check out the bottom of the page, and connect to 100K+ followers on his thematic Facebook blogs, on my YouTube channel viewed by over 1.5 million unique visitor, and his Instagram followed by nearly 50K instagramers.


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