Vegan Hotels, Plant Based Planet – Watch my Hotelier Academy webinar, and order a new English language cookbook featuring us!

Overjoyed to share with all of you guys my lecture on vegan food in hotels – an 80 minutes long webinar with slides, smart and simple steps, and support system for hospitality businesses in Greece and all around the world.

Over 5000 hotelier professionals watched it online on the Hotelier Academy Facebook page, over 2000 registries on the Hotelier Academy Zoom account, and as it will be released on their educational platform it can be viewed by 200 000 – so grateful to be able to fight for animal rights on a field where we can truly make a difference!

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Hotels & restaurants widening horizon at Hotelier Academy giving Kristóf’s Kitchen chance to humbly arrive to the kitchen, brainstorm with the team satisfying vegan travellers, and getting sustainable is a matter of unconditional trust – from both sides, as after the planned vegan menu is up and running, I must trust my collaborators keeping the quality up, and they trust me that the new dish will become an iconic addition to their menu, and to the vegan scene of the town.

I won’t lie, I wish I could see each time someone is taking a first bite of a dish I created. The reason for our dreams coming true on personal / professional level is daring to ride all horses at once, and you friends letting us know: you are inspired by us.

This of course goes both ways: having all of you on the other side of this screen reading us, cooking meals based on our recipes, eating the dishes we put on the menus of restaurants get’s us going.

When feeling gratitude giving back is important – that’s why we’re on board with Food Empowerment Project preventing injustices against animals, people, and the environment, and we invite you to take part! We are introducing our new, community e-book 100% in English, #PlantBasedPlanetCookBook – of 150+ chefs from all over the world!

Nimi & I are featured with rakott krumpli Hungary’s signature potatoes casserole. Get it now in print or e-book: We are thankful to be entering even more people’s kitchen & heart, and grateful for having the chance to make a difference: all incomes of the cookbook goes directly to the #FoodEmpowermentProject.

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