The Birthday Chronicles – of a my last year in my thirties

It all started one day before my actual birthday – when Nimi told me not to ask any questions at all, just jump into the car… but before I start, all contact details are linked in my birthday post on the blog’s FB page, here

He even prepared my outfit, and a suspicious bag full of whoever knows what, and he told me to head toward the hills – where he said: „It’s time for us to take a breathtaking birthday hike.”

We walked over 7 kilometres, on paths I’ve never in my life could imagine they can exist in real life – this time of the year all the rocks are covered with thick moss, and got lucky with having perfectly clear weather. After arriving back to the car Nimi told me: „And now drive towards… Agios Nikolaos!”

In one of our favourite tavern, Las Olas, run by a Spanish lady, Maria, and her Greek husband – my birthday brunch was ready – she prepared a 100% vegan spanakopita especially for us. Note, off all the incredible food I had the chance to munch on in the past 3 days I’ll be sharing a hedonist post on CookOuting by Kristóf & Nimi – Vegan Foodie Tips ‘n’ Trips Around the World – with mouthwatering pics.

With full stomach, and even more full heart we have arrived to the next stop – we have visited our friend, John, who’s running Methana’s only one barber shop. Due to the restriction the store is closed now – but as we share the same bubble, and we are friends, I got lucky and half hour later had a clean-cut beardo. Find Yanis on Insta as @greedwalks

With my smooth and smiley face soon we arrived to our beloved friends Yota and Nectarios – and seriously social distancing we had a glass o’ 10 years old, 50% strong tsipouro that elevated me even higher, and we picked up some of our favourite vinos by the Οινοποιείο Ανδρέου/Andreou winery.

We drove up to one of our secret romantic spot, the Devil’s Bridge by the ancient town of Troezen, admired the nature and each other, and continued driving to Galatas town – where Nimi jumped out of the car at the currier service, telling me to close my eyes and feel with my fingers, trying to guess what’s my present… I instantly knew: “Oh my God, it’s the memory foam Adidas slippers!”

It’s something we both have been searching for for years, but they discontinued the sells. Trust us, there is no better place for one’s food than this simple and super pair of shoe. And I had no idea yet that very soon I can put them on, getting super chilled, watching the perfect sunset from a balcony overlooking Poros island…

Leaving Galatas town a dirt road led up to the incredibly beautiful Live-Bio complex, a collection of studios supporting sustainable tourism in the region, ran by a Polish-Greek couple, Magda and Perikles, who hosted us for a night. Naturally keeping the required distance we greeted each other, and they showed us our room, which felt like there could not be a better place to wake up at on my birthday.

We popped a bubbly, Nimi ordered in yummy vegan pizza and burger from Miral Coffee House – where the owner is actually vegan, so she treated us so well, we were both blown away, and when I thought we are off to sleep Nimi surprised me with yet another gift:

a portable mini projector with a USB stick on the side – I slid it in, and suddenly our friends and family from Hungary, Israel, UK, Italy, and more, all wishing me happy birthday, cracking jokes and telling stories, and I honestly felt like I was up on the ceiling with them, just as Mary Poppins, Bert, and Jane and Michael Banks in the tea party scene of the classic movie.

Even tho we did miss our six cats not being around, I got to admit, after a long night sleep it was kind of nice not waking up for intense meowing and kitties climbing on our faces – we had an absolutely fantastic breakfast by Magda and Perikles that I’ll be detailing on, and we headed to sunny Poros island for a vanilla soy milk cappuccino, and refreshing walk by the seaside.

As we were driving home, once again I was sure – my birthday festival is about to end… that is when Nimi told me to slow down with the car in Methana town, and suddenly out of nowhere our friends, Christina and Metula appeared on a motor cicle, guiding us to the next destination: to the home of one one of my favourite chefs of the peninsula. Katherina was forced to lock down her tavern, To Eikastion – but upon Nimi’s request she prepared a gigantic take-out bday dinner for us.

It was so special to see her, and to taste her food after such long time – and after a rich dinner we went to sleep, with Nimi telling me: “I hope you are not disappointed your birthday is over… we can celebrate any day, you know!”. I kissed him and I told him how grateful I am for him being in my life, and we fell asleep cuddling up.

Little did I know, when the next morning we went out for a little walk by the shore, all our friends from our village were waiting for me to scream: “Happy birthday!” just under our house – and do not worry, we are not more the 9 people in San Giorgio. I was flooded with incredibly thoughtful presents – I won’t list them, but let’s just say my heart was melting: vintage vinyl record, paper maché art, a hat of many colours, and – completing my new projector into a home cinema system – a DVD player…

I cannot even recall all the gifts, as the real present was right in front of me: these loving people coming together – we had a fantastic night together, feasting on yet another incredible birthday meal, this time prepared by Taverna Gianna – who even surprised me with a rich and delicious creamy chocolate cake… but again, all about the food later on!

So there – this is how I kicked off my 40th year of my life. I’m full of gratitude, love, and happiness, especially because I was absolutely sure nothing at all is about to happen on this lockdown birthday. Nimi, my sunshine, my angel, my house bunny – thank you for this unexpected and enchanted weekend, and for this adventurous, extraordinary life we are sharing together.

PS, right as I am posting this Nimrod is telling me: “You got to get ready in latest one hour – who told you this birthday is over?!” Well, I guess I’ll have some more stories to tell next week! PPS, oh yes, I was right – we ended up at our friends’ in Megalo Chori village – Jo and Auds prepared a home cooked meal for us I’ll dream about until my next birthday… of 40! PPPS, check out how we celebrated Nimi’s quarantined birthday back in 2020!

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