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In the world of beards, men have to go through various beard issues simply because they cannot naturally grow a beard. At the same time, some other men are capable of producing a natural beard. Though, beard growth depends on many factors such as your genes, hormones, age, and lifestyle. If you lack any of these factors, you will not be able to grow a great beard. Contrary to this, if you have all these essential factors, you will be able to produce a beard according to your desire.

If you are among those men who cannot grow along with a thicker beard, you might have to deal with a patchy beard and a thin beard. These beard issues can occur because of the lower level of testosterone and DHT hormones required to grow a beard. Another factor responsible for a patchy or thin beard is your genetics.

If your father and grandfather have a thin beard, you will probably also have that kind of beard because it is in your genes. Here, we will throw some light on some of the styling tips for a thin beard. But before that, we will start with what is beard thinning?

What is Beard Thinning?

As the name suggests, beard thinning is an uneven beard growing in your facial hair, though it can also include patchy spots. When your facial hair growth is variable, you can define it as beard thinning. Even if your beard is fully grown, it can have some bare or thin patches that develop unevenly.

However, the thin beard is a common issue that various men struggle with and complain of facial hair that grows uneven and bitty. While some men deal with it and adopt the style and others decide to shave it off because of embarrassment. However, there is nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed of.

Men lose their facial hair either naturally or because of their unhealthy lifestyle. While one more reason for beard hair shedding could be a particular disease that impacts facial hair, such as alopecia barbae. If you are shedding some amount of your facial hair, then it is because of the natural life cycle of facial hair that includes the following phases-

  • The anagen phase- which is the growth stage
  • The catagen phase- which is the transition stage
  • The telogen phase- which is the resting stage

It is the natural cycle followed by your facial hair; if you are shedding some of your facial hair, it might be because your beard is growing through certain stages. But if you notice that you are shedding more facial hair, it might be because of your unhealthy lifestyle, which includes improper sleep, adequate stress, and an unhealthy diet.

However, one more factor responsible for beard thinning or excessive shedding is alopecia barbae, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. In this disease, the body’s immune system attacks the healthy cells, ultimately attacking your hair follicles.

You can treat your beard thinning by making specific changes in your daily routine and start taking things that promote beard growth. You will need to apply beard grooming products like beard oil, which encourages facial hair growth. A thin beard will not be corrected in a day; it will require some time to get back. You will need to keep patience, till then if you want to get a style with your thin beard, we have some of the best options.

5 Ways to Style a Thin Beard:

Followings are some of the best ways to style a thin beard-

  • Anchor beard

It is an exceptional beard thinning style for men who have elongated jaws and wear a mustache. The class is well-trimmed and straightforward; it pointed and highlighted the jaw. The type is suitable for those with rounded and triangular face shapes.

  • Contour short beard

This beard style is best suited for those who do not like a mustache. It is merely a short length thin beard style. The beard goes with the jawline from the cutlet and doesn’t include neckline hair.

  • Mutton chops

Mutton chops are an excellent option for thin beard styles in which the chin area is shaved. The length of the cheek hair resembles a cutlet, as the name of the beard style suggests. To get the mutton chop beard look, the sideburns are matched with the mustache.

  • Simple stubble

The stubble thin beard style is perfect for those with susceptible skin; they can choose this beard style where the hairs are close to the face and trimmed shortly. Though, regular care is essential for stubble. The class is the best choice for those who want to embrace their unique fashion with a thin beard.

  • Short boxed beard style

Celebrities wear the short-boxed beard style because it is one of the best and popular beard styles. Those who have short length beard can use the kind wisely. In this style, the jaw’s full line from the chops is merged with the U shape design mustache. The detail below the mouth up to the chin and the neck should be trimmed or completely shaved.

Conclusion – patchy or thin beard is nothing which you need to get ashamed of. Beard thinning is similar to any other common beard problem which can be treated. The above mentioned are few examples of thin beard styles that can be carried confidently. Many Hollywood actors have light facial hair, and besides it, they wear it confidentially, which becomes a fashion statement.

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