“The most resourceful skill adaptability plus a squirt of creativity.” – Nicoletta, AKA #OneQuarterGreek

I have a great appreciation and enormous love towards those creatives who stick together these days – this is why I have decided to have a guest on the blog this week – please give a warm welcome for our Santorini sister, Nicoletta, who does so much to promote Greek culture, and even more to present the project of those who inspire her. Through her blog you can travel to Greece at heart – even throughout the lockdown. 
          “Kristóf and Nimi started to teach one on one cooking classes, team building cooking workshops for companies, minimal waste, social media, digital nomad, self-employed creative, and plant-based living coaching online. In the summer they also went to Tuscany to teach a vegan cooking class booked a year before deciding to respect the obligation and to support Italy, no matter how bad reputation it got throughout the first wave: sticking together and supporting each other is the only way to overcome the situation, this is their motto.
          It’s very stimulating to read that everyone, after the initial shock, set up their business to work out in a new light. Collaboration also seems to be the key, we are in this together and the only way to hack it is to hook up with other projects and support each other.” – says the Santorini-based blog, telling precious stories for people who are in love with Greece and who dream to move to this beautiful country one day.
          It’s been an honour being included – we are grateful for the opportunity. As much the pandemic itself is a horrific thing to happen, and as much tourism industry struggles at the moment, in the big picture I do believe this can be a direction that is helping Earth to regain it’s power and humanity to adapt to the slow life movement, known to be a natural antidepressant. Read Nicoletta’s full post HERE, and check out her collection of typically Greek Christmas presents HERE, where our cooking classes are also included. Follow her adventures on Instagram too.
See you on YouTube, Instagram, and on the blog’s FB page, or visit us in person in Methana, Greece – details here. Photo credits: www.onequartergreek.com

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