Ready for our new cookbook? – Home Kitchen Without Borders: flavours of the world in the comfort of your house

Let’s cook from what we have – not from what we could have. In our boundless home kitchen “everything can be replaced,” depending on what’s on the cupboard shelves! During lockdowns and restrictions the best way to stay inspired and healthy is continuing to travel – using our frying pan as a boat, our wooden spoon as a paddle, and our imagination as the fuel for life.
If one wants to be everywhere at the same time, chances are he will not really be present anywhere – no matter how sweet the vagabond life, there is nothing to be compared to the feeling of arrival. After years of traveling, my love Nimi, and I found a village in Greece where there are more cats than humans, olive groves cover the slopes of the volcano, and the scent of oregano and aromatic wine blends in the air.
The slow life quickly captivated us, discovering we could create dishes of memorable trips with seasonal vegetables. Now instead of fancy pop-up events for hundreds, we are hosting our guests for personal Kristóf’s Kitchen events here at home, and we are offering one on one online cooking classes, tuning in from our little village kitchen. We’ve swapped trendy markets for our own small veggie garden, and apart from star chefs and foodie influencers we collaborate with virtuoso cooks of local taverns, supporting farmers of the region. To the delight of ourselves, our adopted kittens, and our ecosystem, our world physically shrunk as a sun-dried tomato, yet we’ve never felt so limitless about our lives… and our food! In our upcoming book we’ve collected recipes flying us on the wings of flavours – while most ingredients come from not much further than border of the Methana.
We invite you on a world trip around our table to taste: home cooking can be cosmopolitan, family recipes can invite you to a hedonistic adventure if we experiment creatively, cheerfully – together in our unbounded home kitchen. The new gluten free, vegan friendly cookbook, promoting the slow life movement is up for pre-order, already dominating the bestseller lists of Hungary – we are grateful, and we thank you for your love and trust in us! For now the book is released in Hungarian language, direct link for pre-ordering on Bookline webáruház, HERE, our already published, half English-half Hungarian cookbook can be ordered HERE (yes, they are shipping internationally all across the globe).
The new cookbook is sponsored by Eden Premium, producers of gluten free flours, pastas, nuts, dried fruits, oils, sauces, and superfoods. Cover pic by Máté Czaban, food photos by Sára Salamon Photography, Karesz Molnar and Adam H. Horvath, and Nimi Dagan. More foodie fun on our instagrams: @kristofsteiner and @nimrodagan, YouTube channel: For booking a one-on-one or small group live cooking session online, or a culture and culinary trip to us in Methana for 2021 get in touch with us via

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