#MetOnGrindr presents… our story! – From sleazy sex date app to magical marriage by Kristóf and Nimi

Huge thanks to Grindr for sharing with your followers on FB and Instagram how it all started between Nimrod and me! 
Photo by Timea Saghy / @saghyfoto

Photo by Timea Saghy / @saghyfoto

“Wow you are adorable” – that was the first thing I wrote back to his “Hey”, realizing I’m kind of crossing a line here: “Are you searching for now?” are replies that fit perfectly in the stereotypical “Grindr etiquette”, but calling someone adorable before the first date? Not very Grindr-Orthodox…
     Especially knowing I was not looking for anything serious – just a bit over 3 months before I went through a rough break-up, and I was sure my heart is not ready for love. In the same time I could not deny my growing curiosity – partially because I actually heard of him before: his performance in a cutting-edge interpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet was kind of legendary in town.
     The next day I was invited to this big LGBTQ movie festival, to review a film, and I though I’ll be old fashioned, inviting him to join me – as a “master plan” excuse, I told him I’m working on the guest list of an upcoming art festival in Budapest, and we should brainstorm how can I invite him as a guest.
     He was a bit hesitative, thinking his English might not be good enough, but eventually he agreed – however, when the film started, he was nowhere to be found. I got set up – I though to myself, and gloomy as ever, thinking I’ll never take Grindr seriously again I sat down in the screening room, trying to pay attention on the story.
     About 35 minutes later the doors opened up, and even in the darkness of the cinema I knew: it can be only him. After the movie was over we went out having the chance to actually talk to each other for the very first time in real life. I got so excited just sitting down next to him by the sidewalk – he was humble, sweet, sexy.
     Soon we decided it’s time to get a drink, that turned into one beer after the other as we talked through all what we didn’t the night before – I told him that apart from the writing I’m also holding cooking classes and pop-up dinners, and when he asked “what sort of food are you into” I blushed, saying “well, I’m eating 100% plant based” and for my greatest surprise he said: “Seriously? I’m vegan too!” The “meant to be” feeling just jumped to a whole new level.
     And so – without feeling any shame, fear, or insecurity, without worrying about the future or being determined by our past, we did what we both wanted: each other. The next morning, having our very first coffee together felt just like the mornings now days – over 4 years later, as we are living together in the house we bought together in a tiny Greek village by the sea. What happened in between? Well, we got married, for instance. We learned once and for all:
     no one can tell you what’s the right or the wrong place, and way to meet a man – the only rule about finding the right guy for you is to follow the rules of your own.  Would you be interested in Nimi’s side of our story too? Read his FB column, Life by Nimi, here on the blog, and follow both of us on Insta:
Photo by Mate Czaban

Photo by Mate Czaban

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