13 things to do during lockdown, that might help – you, and others

Back in the times of wearing pajamas (or in my case, galabiya) all day – my heart goes out to all who are struggling, regarding their physical and mental health, but I promise, once again we will get through this, together. Here’s my to do list, for self – feel free do adopt some, all, or non of the followings…

Photo by Mate Czaban

Photo by Mate Czaban

1. Revisit your favourite movies and books that take you back to your happiest times – even if you watched them during first lockdown. They are your favourites for a reason – you will always discover new messages in them.

2. Read books and watch movies you had no time to read and watch during non-lockdown season. There are amazing new documentaries on Netflix, and some of the Christmas movies are already out too.

3. Listen to your favourite songs and dance to them in your room, all alone, or with your loved ones – like no one is watching. Actually, literally no one is watching, so…

4. Eat, drink, COOK! Cooking is so much fun – recreate some of the dishes your family prepared for you when you were a kid, or some of your favourite dishes you usually eat at restaurants, yet you never made them at home, and have a glass or two of wine, beer, or cocktail with the meal. Also, order takeaway from your most beloved eateries – let’s do all what we can to keep struggling businesses alive!

5. Walk in the nature, or in the empty city, looking at people, buildings, the sky, trees, or just stretch your body, and listen to your own breathing – ideally you should walk 10 000 steps a day to keep healthy and happy.
6. Call a friend and have a long chat – someone you miss, someone who always makes you smile, think, or who you can cry with, of that’s what you need.

7. Learn! There is so much we have in mind we’ll do, but somehow we never have the time to do it – learn to play on an instrument from YouTube, or start learning a new language, learn yoga poses, or just learn how the kitchen equipments work you bought years ago and never actually used them ever since.

8. Sort out your mess – give away clothes you don’t need, get rid of stuff in your house that are piled up for no reason. Admit it, there’s SO much of it!

9. Do some gardening, or if you can’t, sprout an avocado stone or a sweet potato! It’s so much fun to watch them growing each day.

10. Volunteer for a cause or a project that matters for you – with your time, energy, or if you can afford, money.

11. Enjoy the time of having the chance to pay attention on the people around you you usually have no time to notice, or care for – may they be family, neighbours, friends, or roommates.

12. Work! This is a perfect period to make things happen in your career you dreamed of, for years, even decades. Maybe it’s time for a change of direction regarding your job, maybe you can reposition what you already do, accordingly to what the world needs right now.

13. Help people in need – ask your neighbours if they need groceries before going shopping, support emotionally those who can’t cope with the situation, and always be cautious, careful, and respectful with those who are frightened by all what’s going on around us.

There.  I know they are all clichés and commonplaces – however, sometimes we tend to forget the most obvious things in life. Like appreciating what we still have – and not only complaining over all what we cannot have.
Love u people. Keep strong, and sometimes dare to be weak. See you on Instagram – @kristofsteiner

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