Winter is coming soon… how about you? – Kristóf and Nimi are waiting for you in magical Methana, also in off-season!

„Oh those fabulous summers in Greece!” – we hear from our guests visiting us, and basically from anyone who ever travelled to Hellas, adding to it: „Next season I’ll be back!”. However, as a married couple living in Greece, spending here more than just a few weeks we can honestly say: this magical country shows it’s truest colours when it’s off season, and all the tourists are long gone.
The autumn months bring fresh new dishes to the local tavernas, with the seasonal vegetables of the fall, the waves of the sea are playful as ever, olive picking and pressing season is on, the new wine is flowing, and the sunsets are even more colourful behind the curly clouds.
The heatwaves are behind us, but the rays of the sun are still tickling our faces – it’s only us, locals around, and of course the Greek cats, who finally do what they always wanted while the streets and squares were too busy with people: they can take over the world!
This is why it’s the best time of the year to travel around to dig into the selection of food markets, taste the delicious nectars of the small family vineries around, not to mention the end-of-season discounts at the shops of local designers on Hydra and Poros islands, or in the ancient city Nafplio.
No need to stand in lines by museums and historical sites, and no one is disturbing anyone while taking photos of the attractions, such as Epidauros’s theatre, the oldest one humanity knows.
As winter approaches, tavernas light up the fireplaces, the distant mountain tops become white, Christmas music is played on our favourite radio channel,Galaxy 92 FM, we  spice u pour favourite red winos from Οινοποιείο Ανδρέου/Andreou winery
to prepare our signature punch, and we soak ourselves into the warm volcanic bath of Agios Nikolaos, the „next door” village.
These are the times to cozy up by the heaters, read, write, draw, or just think – listening to our inner voice we almost cannot hear when there’s too much happenings are on around us.
If you are once of those non-conformist digital nomads, inspiration-seeking creatives who are curious and excited to see a different face of Greece, come along and visit our  hidden peninsula of Methana, Agios Georgios village, where we are waiting for you with 100% plant based cooking classes, culinary and culture trips, and a minimalist studio where you can decompress.
Full program and and details up on request on, to find out more, and to see more of our life in Greece follow us on instas:
@kristofsteiner and @nimrodagan, to get familiar with all the delish vegan-friendly food we are making and munching on, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our FB pages: Kristóf’s Kitchen – Kristóf Konyhája / CookOuting by Kristóf & Nimi – Vegan Foodie Tips ‘n’ Trips Around the World xoxo Steiner Kristóf and Nimi, FB group: KristOffStage

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