The lockdown is over – come and visit us!

Get ready for your Greek summer – for now by cooking a traditional and sensational dish I’ll help you to prepare, soon by arriving to Methana!

We’ve got some wonderful news – organised beaches are set to open this weekend, and rumour has it soon travel restrictions will be lifted with some moderations, so it’s time to prepare yourself for the season! Soon we’ll be set to host you for private, and small group culinary and culture trips in Methana, teaching you how to re-create your favourite Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or Eastern European dish vegan-friendly way showing you all the beautiful places you got to know from our posts, stories, and YouTube vlogs!

To celebrate the arrival of the Greek summer I prepared something truly special for you at Kristóf’s Kitchen – Kristóf Konyhája: a 100% vegan bouyiourdi, the traditional roast cheese dish, which is a perfect example of how the main ingredient of the Greek kitchen is hedonism: the layered slices of fresh tomatoes, onions, and peppers are soaking in cheese, baked to perfection with piles of garlic cloves, and golden, thick, decadent olive oil – the soul of the meal is mostly feta, but there’s no rule about the cheeses you are using, so we picked our beloved plant based feta cheese we always buy on our trips to Poros island.

It’s spiced with sea salt, black pepper, garden oreganos, and spicy pepperoncini, but using fresh basil, thyme or sage wouldn’t hurt either. It’s mostly eaten with village corn bread, but we’ve picked young mustard leaves from our veggie garden, mixed up a batter with chickpeas flour, and even more garlic, giving it a bit of egg flavour with sulfur-rich black salt, coated the fresh leaves with it, and fried them in a pen, crispy and golden brown.

The combo is far from being a diet dish, but plant based does not mean being health nuts, plus I don’t believe in absolutism, but in balance: some days we have rich, fresh, raw salads, other nights we binge out on gluten free pasta, and there are times we don’t mind feasting on a dish that has so much olive oil, it’s practically takes up half of our meal. In Greece life expectancy is nearly 83 years – above average of the USA, Hungary, and a decade more than the Russian rate, lining us up to the level with Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus, and Israel – other olive oil obsessed nations.

Naturally, It’s combined with living the good life: the Mediterranean climate, being near to the sea, squeezing fresh picked lemon in our lemonade, and being religious about the siesta – μεσημεριανόςύπνος – all contribute to living a long, and prosperous life. Join us on our journey: new YouTube episode every Tuesday, minimalist lifestyle on, and once the lockdown is done, our workshops in #Methana, Agios Georgios village are waiting for adventurous travellers, and for those who plan a permanent relocation to magnificent Hellas, where this #VeganBouyiourdi was born.

And of course, it’s not only us who you can get to know better, but the talented, passionate, and sweet locals as well: there’s SO much to do on this tiny peninsula, including taking a writer’s getaway course at our friends’, Mariel and Philip’s mind blowing retreat spot by the sea, the best sunset spot on the peninsula, Limnisa – Greece. Creative Writing Workshops & Writing Getaways.

But may it be… taverna hopping between Το Αγιωργίτικον, Παλιοκατάσταση-Paliokatastasi, and more foodie heavens, or a visit at Eva’s, our friend at QueenBee’s beauty who’s making 100% natural soaps, finding out all about the benefits of aloe vera beauty products hand made by Best oLive at Cavo Petra.Holistic wellness center in Methana-Greece., deciding to stay at budget and delightful Hotel Methanion, or at a private studio in our village, going for wine, olive oil, and baked goods tasting session, a climb up the volcano, or oregano and lavender picking, we have you covered.


You can also ride with Panos Gkoutzikas Taxi to the neighbouring villages, towns, and cities, cozy Galatas, beautiful Poros island, hidden Ermioni, Epidavros and it’s enchanted theatre, the oldest one humanity knows, or Nafplio, the area’s best known, we are here for you to hook up with the right people. With questions regarding cooking classes and culture trips one on one drop us a mail to, but do feel free to get in touch with all the mentioned services tagged above, we heartly recommend them all. <3

xoxo Kristóf Joseph Steiner / Steiner Kristóf I Insta: @kristofsteiner I More vegan-friendly food recommendations nearby: CookOuting by Kristóf & Nimi – Vegan Foodie Tips ‘n’ Trips Around the World I FB group: KristOffStage

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