Step into my office – Minimalism and professionalism meet in Methana

I’m #OutOfOffice – but our cat, Arak will show you around my home office!

My hubby Nimi & I are both staring at the screen enough to decide – as off this week we are saying good bye to the wee office each day sharp at 5 – as much as we love showing you where and what we eat, how we chill, what we do for fun, most of the writing and sharing to social media & life style magazines in our home office – which is basically our salon, dining room AND our bedroom as well.

So while we’re off to the beach step into two digital nomad’s office in the Greek country side, Agios Georgios, Methana – this is where I’m writing my articles, where I’m editing and captioning my social media posts, where I’m coming up with menus and recipes for Kristóf’s Kitchen, and truth to be told I do change my spot quite often, going out to the terrace to work, or laying down in bed to stretch my spine a bit while writing, this is my “default” position.

And as now the Hungarian National Museum Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum, is starting a unique online collection, based on the voluntary decision of users to join, I though I’ll be contributing as well – the aim is to document and later to be able to show future generations how we lived during the coronavirus epidemic, as a shared experience will be a shared memory. For Hungarians in home office.

join the my home office challenge FB group, and using the #MagyarNemzetiMuzeum hashtag, share your personal spot where you’re getting busy, and for my international followers in home office – invite me in a comment to your profile where you shared your self-organised safe spot where you feel the most creative, and use the #HomeOfficeChallenge hashtag.

Stay safe, fabulous, and creative, keep yourself busy, but take time to decompress too. Ideally, our professions & passions are not that far from each other.  Kristo’f Steiner \ Steiner Kristo’f | Insta: @kristofsteiner | TikTok: @kristofskitchen | FB group: KristofOffStage

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