Go green fingers – This is how we grow our veggies!

“People grow five thousand roses in one garden, never finding what they’re looking for… and yet it could be found in a single rose.” The Little Prince

Every morning when I go down to water our garden I’m standing above the plants, watching the glittering drops on their leaves, and I’m having a sensation of looking at a newborn child, a Christmas tree I just decorated to perfection, or at Nimi, when he just finishes a theatre show I’ve never seen before, and he is bowing in front of the crowd as we are clapping our hearts out.

When we decided to work the field and plant some seeds it was more of an adventure, a romantic dream, than an actual intention of living off the land, and by now there is no day that we’re not cooking with something that’s coming from our garden, and it’s only the beginning of the season – our lettuce, the wild mustard leaves and flowers, the green onions and leeks, the cilantro, mint, basil, sage, and rosemary are ready for harvest any time we need some greens.
And now, our sweet corn is reaching up to the skies, the green peas are blossoming, the pumpkin, the aubergine, the melons and watermelons are bringing beautiful flowers, and we can already see the first actual vegetables shaping up: the broccoli, and the zucchinis. Meanwhile our peppers and tomatoes are bushing up, and watching the leaves growing day after day I’m sure our beets, and radishes will be next in line to provide us with home grown groceries. And the potatoes, they really seem like they are ready to take over the world!

If you look at the photos of our wee farm you’ll clearly see, we are nowhere close to being “professional peasants” – although in my book that’s a great compliment, and I wish for myself learning how to do things with my hands that are actually useful for maintaining life for myself and for others, may it be getting to know better how a house is being built, how to navigate a boat, learning which wild plants are edible, recycling my garbage, and generally producing less waste.

But I’m a firm believer of “one step at a time”, as changing a set of habits all at once will leave a person disconnected from the known-self, and that often leads to feeling lost, instead of feeling connected. I am doing my reading on being a farmer, I look up all the specific questions I have in mind, but ultimately the land will be the best teacher, cos no person can know how our garden is, only me. That is why I decided to leave some of the non-invasive weeds:
hearing a lot of biodynamic farming I have a feeling a natural balance of the soil is better than a “purified land”, and that goes for the flies, bees, ants, rain worms, butterflies visiting our little jungle. I might be wrong, I might not have the most prosperous harvest later on, but I also know, if I’d be too obsessed with waiting for the results I’d loose all the fun of the process. And that what my actual interest is – not “getting there”, but being here. Have a beautiful week, all.

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