Spring has sprung in Methana!

Spring is the most beautiful season in the Greek countryside – but even the blossoming flowers, the warm wind, and the sparkling blue sea feel different now, as the lock down is still on. It’s been over a month that we have returned to Methana, and so much happened since then, it’s time for me to do a recap once again.

“Bravo, you’ll be a good farmer!” – said Gianis Petropoulos, our builder who’s ‘boys” built half of our village in the past two decades, and if he says so, I must be just a tiny bit proud of myself, not only as a “hippie boy”, but as a country man too. It has been three weeks now that I first worked the field in front of our house, and with the help of Nimi we planted radishes, zucchinis, eggplants, peppers, green peas, even melons, but before we would go on to the second parcel we wanted to see if we are not wasting our time: to be very honest, we had our hopes up, but also questioned ourselves if our very first attempt growing a veggie garden will succeed at all.

Becoming a farmer is not only about harvesting – the beautiful process of getting the soil ready to accept the seeds, to watch them sprouting, bringing their first leaves, and slowly but steadily blossoming up is priceless. Having a vegetable garden, growing herbs, and living off the field creates a very special relationship with the land, and even with the weather. When it’s raining, we don’t think of it only as a bummer not being able to enjoy to get a tan, but also as a blessing for our plants, and when the sunshine arrives, we know it’s not only warming us to sit in our bathtub on the balcony, but also nurtures all the greens in our yard. As corny it sounds, it’s like becoming a part of the circle of life, not taking it for granted.

It’s still months from now till we will do our first real harvest, but after seeing the little green visitors popping up one after the other got me excited, so I took a few hours to get into the little “jungle” in front of Nimi’s parents apartment, and get the garden ready for some more planting. Saying good bye to the beautiful, yellow-flowered wild mustard was not easy, but they didn’t get wasted – I collected the pods, and hang them to dry in the kitchen, so we can prepare our very own home made mustard, and add the seeds to salads, curries, and stews. Check out how pretty the garden became – and it’s gonna be even nicer, as tomorrow we are experimenting with a new method:

instead of using just seeds, we are giving a chance to market-bought vegetables that can be cultivated directly from the veggie itself: chopping off the green of the spring onion, planting it with it’s roots down, pushing garlic cloves in the ground, rooting out purple potatoes and ginger, and more. Stay tuned to see how these freshly inaugurated farmers do out here in the wilderness. So for all those skeptics who’s been commenting me throughout my life how writing, shooting television shows and films, and being a “celebrity” or an “influencer” is not an actual job, and I’d never last a day having to care for ourselves as a rancher, I have news for you: these proud peasant boys just love their newly found passion for organic, self-producing, biodynamic life.

“The sunrise is always a source of morale for human beings; In the days when the world experiences global disasters, sunrise becomes almost an angel!” Mehmet Murat ildan <3

I did not intend to wake up at 6 in the morning today – but after our four kittens woke us up, we fed them, and walked out to the terrace, seeing how the rising sun paints everything gold, and it all instantly made sense. I felt grateful for Fava, Arak, Tahini and Lángosh for jumping on our chests so we can see this incredible sunrise – even though when they started circling around us while we were still floating in our boats of dreams, I got annoyed: why can’t we sleep a fe more hours?!

Sometimes life just knows better than you do: just coupe of days ago I’ve been posting about how much I’m enjoying my lost-and-found insanity fooling around on TikTok, however, yesterday morning I woke up for a message stating my account was deleted, permanently. Well, that was a short career, but I am grateful for gathering over 4k followers in less then a week, and now, understanding how many LGBTQ freedom fighters and free thinkers had issues with the app, I’ve decided taking being a #TikToker to a new level:

I re-registered under the blog’s name, as #ProudHippieBoy, and instead of lip-syncing vids we will be sharing snippets of our minimalist and digital nomad living, on being an international couple living in the Greek countryside, we will show you how you can prepare quick and easy plant based bites, how we are self-producing our veggies. I actually feel pretty grateful for TikTok for banning me without any further explanation, because it made me re-think the hole concept: just because I landed on a platform where most people make fun of others, I SO don’t have to jump on this train. I’m also excited to start sharing in English – Nimi with his beautiful Hebrew accent, me on my heavy Hungarian one, staying authentic to who we truly are are.

Because there is no point of sharing anything on social media, if it’s not to speak of what one truly believes in. The whole story reminds me on the times I’ve planted random seeds, never knowing what’s going to grow out of them. I might have wished for the poppies to cover my garden with red – but instead the cilantro grew out, flavouring our table. Let’s face it, flowers are pretty, but some fresh coriander is way more useful for  So, what sort of TikTok videos you’d be happy seeing first on our profile? Share your thoughts in comments, and join us: @ProudHippieBoy.

All I want for Easter is a walk in nature

The best things in life are free – they say, and as much as it sounds like a commonplace, it’s absolute truth. Proverbs become commonplaces because they are true, and as much as it’s human nature trying to be “oroginal”, always searching for new ways of squeezing happiness out of life, sometimes it’s wonderful to remember the most elemental acpects of joy. Like a walk in the nature, when spring paints everything with the many colours of it’s magical palette. This weekend was the time of Greek Easter – a celebration that is more important for locals than Christmas, or any birthday.

Gigantic feasts, heavenly wines, gorgeous parties mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, all the beautiful, white churches are packed with people, and neigbours visit each other for drinks, bringing painted Easter eggs as presents… but not this year. Our first Easter in Methana turned out to be beautiful, but… quiet. Yet we did decide doing something special for the holiday – for the very first time since we have returned to Agios Georgios we left our quarantine for a beautiful walk up the river road, taking us up to a magical land of blossoming trees and blooming flowers. Our most adventurous kitten, Arak decided to join us, and as if she was a doggie, she ran ahead, sniffing around, staying behind sometimes, then catching up with us again.

It was just a simple walk for just the 3 of us – nothing glamorous or fancy, but it felt like a real holiday treat. In the evening we met our neighbours, and keeping the social distance said “chronya polla” – the Greek’s Mazal Tov – to each other, and we all ordered festive food from our favourite tavern, Agiorgitikon from Mr. Diamadis, and his gorgeous wife, Sula, and knowing we are on a plant based diet, they surprised us with home made compote instead of Easter eggs. We could not hug, nor sit down in the tavern for food, just picked up the meal, but it was nurturing our souls just seeing them, wishing happy holidays.

So that’s the beautiful, yet not so eventful story of our Easter. Hugs and kisses to all, stay safe, positive, and wonderful – allow yourself to take things slow, it’s not the time to rush in any ways. I know many of you are having hard times adjusting, but life brought us all an opportunity to re-thing and revaluate things, and who knows if we will ever have a chance to appreciate such quiet and chilled times.

Now a little surprise! – Fly with us on the wings of flavours: LIVE cooking sessions with us in English are now OPEN for registration!

The current health crisis has created a major impact on the global travel industry: guides are struggling just as travel addicts all across the Globe. In response to Covid-19, Flyana travel & I have decided to offer a sneerful selection of live experiences that will make you feel like travelling the world, even in the comfort of your sofa.

Although we are physically constrained to our homes, human interaction and connectedness can still be shared virtually. Discover and book your experience today – browse and select experiences you like from our list, purchase the session and receive a link to your virtual experience, login with the link provided at the scheduled time to enjoy a fun session.

On the 3rd of May, 11EST we are holding a Kristóf’s Kitchen – Kristóf Konyhája live workshop, explaining how to cook & create the flavours, tastes & texture you used to love as a carnivore, but you don’t want to eat anymore. For everyone who wish to cut back eating animal products, but doesn’t feel fond of meat substitutes, we will showcase a variety of natural options replacing, or reducing meat in your diet. For the “OMG this tastes like meat” workshop sign up here.

On the 6th of May, 11 EST we will hold a 100% plant based workshop, together with my hubby & sous-chef, Nimi. The live cooking session will guide you through random ingredients that so many of us are finding ourselves having at home and we cannot think of how to put them together – we will show you combinations that you would never think of. For the “There is no such thing as there is nothing to cook with” session sign up here.

Excited & happy for this new announced. xoxo Steiner Kristóf / Kristóf Joseph Steiner  | Our YouTube cooking show |  Instagram: @kristofsteiner  & @nimrodagan | Join our cooking challenge here: CookOuting by Kristóf & Nimi – Vegan Foodie Tips ‘n’ Trips Around the World | FB group: KristOffStage | TikTok: #ProudHippieBoy

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