There was something in the air last week, and it’s called… #LONDON

London is like walking on a cloud – just like Mary Poppins does, except not all of us can walk the surface of it, as it can get stormy, rainy, and misty. 

Picture 1 and 2 on the collage by Erna Gotyar

Not all of us has the magic powers of jolly Mary, who’r rising above such issues as weather – truth to be told, it’s not easy arriving to a country where we just know for a fact, we’ll be freezing constantly. However, British people are fabulous – kind, nice, polite, well most of them at least. Maybe not the girl who was tipsy at 2PM at Liverpool Street station, pushing her friend off the escalator, causing a domino effect, where all people fell on the floor, while some tried approaching the drunk lady, as she left her Louis Vuitton bag behind just to chase her friend who she was arguing with.
But then we went to see Mamma Mia, because we only saw it 300 000 000 times, and we sang along, and danced, and missed our wee village in Greece, and out for (not so much) baby cats, and then, probably does not come as surprise, we… cooked, a LOT! We had a full house, incredible, memorable, emotional dinner for 72 hungry people at The Rosemary Organic Hungarian Restaurant, and it was mind blowing, I’ll be eternally grateful for life to those who’s been there to feast, cook, and share a word or a hug.
We also conducted the recordings of 4 full episodes for our upcoming YouTube series on my channel Kristóf’s Kitchen – we’ll be cooking at Greenwich Market, the legendary street food and arts and crafts, and everything-you ever-wanted market of London town, and we’ll be taking you around in the city’s most iconic spots, showing you local vibes and personal secret tips from Kristóf and Nimi… that’s us, by the way. 😀 It’s all Madonna’s fault I’m speaking about myself as 3rd person: Madame X loves to dance.
She does, she wants, she can – no secret we flew to London with the intention of seeing Madonna’s current tour on stage at The London Palladium, but by now all the world knows, the X also stands for “CANCELLED” this season: till date 10 shows been called off, due to Madonna being in extreme pain caused by her multiple injuries. I’ve been praising Madonna in several writings of mine on this blog so without getting into details now: after 3 (!!!) cancelations we DID manage to see her on the 1st of February, delivering a flawless show, bringing Portugal and Cape Verde, New York and most importantly her own best self on stage.

For everyone, but mostly for our friends who had to leave back to Budapest before they could see the show they had tickets for (we took the best out of the time together in London anyway, right girls?) – she sounds clear, she is daring to be herself, she is very funny, and truly fun, and with all the pain she is feeling right now, she moved flawlessly. Her musicians are bliss to look at and listen to, her dancers… she just still has the best dancers, and that’s it. And don’t get me started on how cool are her twins, and how I see a mother of a future generation in her daughter, Mercy.
Seeing Madonna felt like home, but what’s a home without a family, so special chapter for my loved ones who are around me. Nimi and I are so blessed to be surrounded with our brothers and sisters here in London. In the short time I’ve spent here for a semester about 10 years ago I was blessed with these truly special friendships with these creative, joyful, clever people who always remind me of the real values of life, and who’m without I could not be the person I am today. Thank you Sabina, Garry, Craig, Melinda, Andi, Kriszta, Karesz, Ádám, and all my precious ones. What else happened?
I jumped into the The Rabbit Hole – Vegan Hair Parlour / By Appointment Only , thank you so much Dóri, for bringing my bouncy curls back, just in time for our last night in London!  We said goof bye to the city in style – with a last visit to the Palladium to see Madonna’s Madame X show for the second time, and so I decided it’s time to glam up. To be perfectly honest, the past two months was not about looks for me – I let myself go a bit with the post-holidays blues, and instead of being pretty I focused on being cozy and warm: sweatpants were my best friends, my hair was always hidden under a big black hoodie, but now I’ve decided I’ll come out from my shell before spring arrives.

We had a perfect last day, having 100% vegan full English breakfast, walking around our favourite neighbourhoods, popping into pubs for drinks, and before arriving to the Soho to put the cherry on the top with Madonna, we spent a few hours with Dóri, owner and soul of The Rabbit Hole (pictured), who dedicated her life in London to vegan haircare: when she opened her business there were literally no vegan salons at all. Now days, when the “organic” and “natural” salons grow out of the ground like mushrooms, she is still keepin’ the crown on her head, being the very queen of cruelty free and plant based hairdressing in the big city: literally everything in the salon is vegan, including styling products, colours, shampoos, hair masks, and conditioners.

I got a reviving treatment from her, we changed the shade of my blond – as the Greek sun and my neglecting was not a good match for my hair, I spent about 25 minutes wearing a really funny thermo hat on my head, then while drying my locks using only her fingers to help the natural curls to bounce back to their place, she cut a tiny bit from the parts that desperately needed refreshment. Ever since then everyone is telling and commenting me “wow your hair is SO beautiful”, and as I cannot say “thank you, I just came from The Rabbit Hole”, since it won’t make much sense without detailing it I’ve decided to dedicate this post to this fantastical salon.  Site:, address: 6A Charleville Rd, Hammersmith, London W14 9JL, United Kingdom, phone: +44 7450 225230

We are still figuring out when we can finally get back to Greece with Nimi’s new Romanian passport. The next stop on our “out-of-Europe” trip: Istanbul, where we are hosting a vegan pop-up dinner, all details HERE. Meanwhile follow us on YouTube, and… eh, probably you know how to find us. 🙂 Oh, I almost forgot – the new mini series, drumroll…

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