New column! 3 short stories by Nimrod Dagan

Welcome to #ProudHippeBoy’s brand new column, Life by Nimi – dedicated to my one and only love, sous-chef, travel buddy and partner in crime. Once a month my baby, Nimrod Dagan, actor, writer and dreamer will come around to share his thoughts on life, love, and everything that pops in his mind. This time I picked some of my favourite stories already published on his facebook blog. Let’s see what he’s up to…

About life in Greece…

The Greeks can not pronounce my name, and it’s not that I introduce myself as Nimrod, but even Nimi is difficult for them to say, so everyone calls me Nim.

First it was kind of annoying, after I thought it’s cute and funny that I happened to have a new nickname, now I’m just shocked about how easy and comfortable it is. Nim. How I didn’t think about this till now?

The Greeks has their own time, nothing is happening the way I’m used to. In Methana town for example there are restaurants I know I cannot arrive hungry, cos from the time I’ll order till the food will be served it can take sometimes an hour.

This also annoyed me in the beginning, but then I understood – I am the one who came from a different place, they shouldn’t change themselves because of me, I am the one who need to change.

And I am changing every day, slowly slowly I’m becoming a Greek village young man, look at me now – I’m Nim from Agios Georgios in Greece, and I have no problem to sit and get drunk an hour till the food will come, it’s actually very comfortable just as shorter names, and to be honest – I’m not that hungry anyway.

Shabbat Shalom!

About not being “gay enough”…

A very big Israeli online magazine approached me.

From reading the mail that invited me for a WhatsApp call till the morning after we decided to talk, me and one of the main editor, I almost couldn’t sleep, I was so excited.

“We want you to write a weekly column,” she said, and I tried to act “hard to get” or just cool enough although I’m sure she could hear my smile on my face across the line.

I hope you have some more to write about the homophobia in the Israel,” she said, and I was in complete silence. “Nimrod?”, she asked, and I sighed across the line.

“I can write about a lot of things that are happening in my life right now, but not about homophobia in the Israel, you probably know that’s what i used to do in the last 4 years for Mako (another online magazine)”, I told her, and she asked “Like what – for example – you can write about?”, “Well, we just moved to a Greek small village in the countryside of Greece, my husband and me, where there are almost no people, and those who are living here maybe never saw gays or gay couple in their life”, “Are they homophobic?”, “No! Thank God, the opposite”,”So no one will care”.

I’ve got a bit disappointed, from the all situation, but maybe mostly from her. We said goodbye to each other, me and the editor, not before she told me “I’m sure you will not live all your life being unsolicited from the world, when you will be back in Tel Aviv let me know”.

I wanted to tell her so many things, but i decided to calm down and make myself laugh a bit and to say goodbye. She will be probably the last person I’ll let him know when I’m coming to visit.

On the picture my pink tiny speedo, i hope its gay enough.

About (no) regrets…

We almost bought an apartment in North Cyprus, but 2 days before we traveled there, at 3 at night after midnight of 2019 I fell down from the bicycle on my face and I broke one of my front tooth.

I went to bed crying and I woke up crying, understanding that in this year I’m going to make a change. We didn’t continue our trip to North Cyprus, we flew back to Tel Aviv, there I’ve got a temporary tooth.

I wish I could say that having a new tooth in my mouth let this experience stay behind, but the truth is that even after I got the most perfect porcelain tooth done in my mouth, Cyprus, the idea of moving there and obviously the broken tooth stayed as kind of a trauma for me, but at the same time a trigger that made me to make a change.

Long story short – I made a decision to try to do only what my heart is telling me to do. I quit my job in the theater, knowing that Kristóf & I are about to leave Israel. I started to write a lot, and being creative as I wasn’t for a long time, I started to photograph, to play at party, to cook with Kristof all over the world.

We traveled to Istanbul, Portugal, London, Italy and we almost made it to Egypt, but instead we found ourselves in Poland, there we found ourselves in Auschwitz, an experience that pushed me more to the understanding that nothing is for granted and the life is so short.

By the end of the summer we packed all our life in to 4 suitcases, we said goodbye to our friends, and to Tel Aviv, and we moved to our new home in Greece. When I’m trying to explain how does it feel there I say that it’s like learning how to walk from the very beginning, but the truth is that it’s even more than this, I found inside of me spiritual power & energy I didn’t know I have, suddenly I could look back and make peace with so many conflicts inside of me.

And then came the cats, and brought so much happiness to our 30 SM by the sea & to our hearts, and more than this – they made me understand – everything happening for a reason, if I wouldn’t have this accident last NYE it’s possible that we would buy the house in Cyprus, the cats would be still exists, but probably not in our life.

Happy new year from my family.

Follow Nimi on Insta as @nimrodagan, and on his FB page, and visit us at our plant based dinner party on the 29th of January, in London, event link HERE

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