PREMIERE: Kristóf’s Christmas – a YouTube Show Special TONIGHT on our channel!

As a kid I always adored watching The Judy Garland Show’s Christmas Special, and now we have our very own – with slightly less singing, but waaay more vegan cooking! Tune in to my channel Kristóf’s Kitchen today at 3 PM CET, and witness how we prepare 3 festive, plant based dishes, also get to know our kittens better who we share our home here in Agios Georgios, Methana, Greece. 

Do you guys love your xmas present? Welcome to the brand new blog platform – Proud Hippie Boy’s content does not change, except the focus from Tel Aviv shifts to… everywhere and anywhere. After our relocation to Greece we have decided not to say good bye to this blogazine, we just dusted it off: my vegan foodie world earned it’s own column under the title Kristóf’s Kitchen, the Tel Aviv-related articles can be found in our new White City Boy column, while my love, favourite DJ, sous-chef and food photographer will start his very own column under the title Life by Nimi, check out the changes and get familiar with the page, cos it’s here to stay and make you smile, cry, think, eat, drink, party and travel.

The second gift from us is the mentioned vlog: after 6 episodes of Kristóf’s Kitchen in Greece we understood you guys love when we invite you into our little house, showing you around, making you be a part of our everyday life – therefor instead of a fancy Christmas party or an in-studio-recorded episode we took it eeeasy: these super fast, simple dishes are so simple, you can just use a cutting board and an electric stow (or a camping gas as a matter of fact), and you can have yourself a very vegan Christmas, wherever you may be. Enjoy the premiere HERE from 3 PM Central European Time, and keep an eye on us on our social media platforms as after the holidays we are soon landing in London for a few secret projects, later on returning to Hungary for our a bit of vegan foodie fun.

Some of the events are already available for booking – like our dancing dinner party at Szabad bistro Budapest, or our nostalgic dinner party paired with wine tasting at Borganika, both perfect last minute Christmas presents as well. And if you’re up to spending a bit more then just 3 hours with us, check this out: 8 Days All Inclusive Vegan Cooking class and tour in Sicily – in April, or join us in June for a cooking week in Tuscany with x Kristóf Konyhája I Kristóf’s Kitchen. Festive smooch to all, love and appreciate you – stay cool, stay true, stay you. xoxo Steiner Kristóf / Kristóf Joseph Steiner / Insta: @kristofsteiner / FB group: KristOffStage / Travelling foodie blog on FB: CookOuting by Kristóf & Nimi – Vegan Foodie Tips ‘n’ Trips Around the World.

And finally, the grand premiere…

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