The Proud Hippie Boys Winter Tour in Hungary by Kristóf and Nimi

Every end brings a new start, and when something new awakens, we must celebrate – the fresh energy, and the gratitude for all that went down the river. We have re-located to Greece, and although we’ll always be returning to Tel Aviv and Budapest as well, the new base called for a new YouTube show: Kristóf’s Kitchen in Greece, premiering on the 26th of November. All of this said, we simply must get together, there’s way too much excitement in the air to handle it online only… 

The blog is celebrating seven years of success, and with the change of moving to Greece I also swapped the name: good bye Whitecity Boy, hello Proud Hippie Boy! The winter season is awaiting with lots of awesome events in Budapest – come and gimme a hug, cook and feast with us, or dance your heart out at our upcoming parties – the list is still not complete, there are more surprises to come – meanwhile sign up for the already advertised events, or get in touch with the organisers for more questions, all linked in the K-Calendar below…

11.25, 18:00 – Charity Cooking Class with Eszkuláp Animal Rescue Organization / SOLD OUT

11.26. – Super WMN Award Show where I’ll be a proud and pretty on-stage host / SOLD OUT

11.27, 18.00 – Borganika Taverna by Kristóf’s Kitchen – dinner party with wine pairing, sign up at / SOLD OUT

11.27, 23.00 – Dancing Queens at The Studios – Party by Kristóf and Nimi / SOLD OUT

12.10, 18:00 Énegyetem “Inspirators” – lecture and book signing / SIGN UP HERE

12.11. Kis Padlizsán Debrecen x Kristóf’s Kitchen Winter Wonderland Dinner Party / SIGN UP HERE 

12.12. tunki-tunki x Kristóf’s Kitchen workshop SZEGLET Közösségi TérSIGN UP HERE

12.13, 19:00 St. Luca’s Day Feast at The Workshop by Brody Land x Kristóf’s KitchenSIGN UP HERE

12.14, 18:00 VeganeetaHome x Kristóf’s Kitchen, Balatonalmádi Xmas Dinner Party / SIGN UP HERE

12.15, 15:00 Ohana Gasztro Klub x Kristóf’s Kitchen, Kecskemét / SOLD OUT

12.16. Mensa x Kristóf’s Kitchen workshop at Édeni Vegán Restaurant / CLOSED EVENT

12.17. Ursa Maior x Kristof’s Kitchen Community Cooking together with Blanka Kőrösi / SIGN UP HERE

Note – from 2020 we are laying back a bit: our next Hungarian trip is due to March, events comin’ up soon, so if you’d like to surprise your loved ones with Kristóf’s Kitchen events, join our FB group KristOffStage. Meanwhile the registration is already open to our Italian adventures: April-May – Vegan Sicily Gastronomy Vacation at Casa D’Aria, June-July – Cooking Holiday in Tuscany. And why did we decide not to tour that much next year? Well, it’s hard to leave this paradise behind:

Kristóf’s Kitchen in Greece

Episode 1. – Tiny Kitchen, gigantic breakfast!

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Episode 2. – A breath of fresh air: cooking on the terrace
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