The World is One Big Falafel – My 8 Fave Manufacturers in Tel Aviv + My Own Creations

If you thought veganism is too challenging because you can’t find food to eat, then you’re clearly living in the wrong country. Israel’s Tel Aviv is known as the Middle East’s most progressive culinary hotspot, thanks to the fabulous combination of Arabian and Mediterranean dishes. Here is my countdown of the best falafel joints in the White City, as seen in easyJet Traveller magazine, the award-winning in-flight mag I’m running my listicles for. 

Pic by @NoraSpiration

The Sea View One

Old Man and The Sea is known as The Fish Restaurant in Tel Aviv, yet there falafels – part of their deal for starters only – is simply the best in town. Crunchy outside, green and mushy inside, thanks to the freshly smashed green herbs.

Retzif HaAliy HaShniya st 101, Tel Aviv Yafo.  Near Jaffa port and the old city of Yafo. 

The Chepest Thrill

1.5 euros lunch at Razon׳s is a perfect walk-with-lunch while and discovering the city center of Tel Aviv. You won’t miss the spot: huge queue is waiting for the affordable yet yummie falafels in pita bread, with cabbage salad, tahini, and amba, the Yemenite’s mango sauce.

King George st 16 Tel Aviv. Near Dizengoff center & Sheinkin Streets.

The Market Ones

Walk down Carmel Market, the main foodie hot spot of TLV, and go after your nose… and the sound of guys screaming “FALAFEEEEL!” with all their hearts. Feel free to ask for a tasting ball before you make up your mind which one is best – it’s like wine tasting, with fried food. Admit you’re hooked already…

The Carmel Market Tel Aviv, HaCarmel street. Near Allenby and Nahalat Binyamin streets.

The Magic One

Many places all over the world call themselves “The King of Falafel”, but there is only one who is The True Magician: Hakosem – meaning magician in Hebrew. They are preparing the most sophisticated falafels, you can request whole wheat pita bread, and even stuff it with fried aubergines.

Shlomo Hamelekh st 1 Tel Aviv. Near Habima Square & Ibn Gabirol avenue

The Yemenita Ones

Kerem HaTeimanim, the old, Yemenite neighborhood is a true foodie heaven – street food wherever you look, pile of spices and herbs, home-style restaurant with amazing falafels everywhere – try the “Syrian” falafel,and “Teimania”, but keep on discovering…

All around the Kerem, near Neve Tzedek and the Carmel Market.

The Iconic One

Abu Hassan – Ali Karavan is without any doubt the most authentic spot for hummus and falafels – served with their signature lemon dressing, and raw onions to dip’em with.

Shivtei Israel st. 14 & 17. Near Jaffa Clock Tower, the flea market, and Jaffa Port.

The One in The City

Shlomo and Sons follow 40 years traditions of family falafel makin’, and all local tel avivians know them as “the place where families stop for a bite on their way to the beach”. The falafel is almost completely yellow from inside – the recipe is secret, but we suspect some delish turmeric in there…

Ben Yehuda St 232, Tel Aviv. Near Metzitzim Beach, and Tel Aviv port

The Colourful One

Falafel 4 flavors serves their fried chickpeas balls with in different flavors and colours, and if it’s not crazy enough you can actually have the all different ones in your pita at the same time! At times of #UnicornFood trend, this might come handy for your insta…

Ibn Gabirol St 93 Tel Aviv. Near the City Hall & the Old North

Plus on the pics – my own creations dedicated to my – by now, closed – food truck at Vegan Garden, Dob street 40, Budapest. We had a fabulous summer running the truck, and we are grateful for all who came, now let’s see where can you get similar style dishes in Israel’s cultural capital.

Welcome to my food truck – Kristóf’s Kitchen is waiting for you at Dob street 40, Budapest. Pictured: my perfect fries.

Falafel can be gluten-free as well: this one is prepared by me, using Eden Premium’s gluten free falafel mix, #BakeFree.

A delicious falafel-kinda “meat” ball on my rainbow platter: we are also catering events in Budapest, together with Club Szendvics.

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