The #HarmLessBoys Tour 2019 – plant based feasts, lectures, parties and more this summer in Budapest, Tel Aviv, Italy, Greece, and more…

The #HarmLessBoys Tour 2019 by Kristóf Joseph Steiner & Nimrod Dagan. Harming less, and doing more – for the Planet, and all sentient creatures on it. This is our goal, the base of our value system, and the motor of our work. This is what separates us from ideologies that exclude and discriminate others, and this is what brings together people of many point of views and understandings to create something together. This is our religion, our sanctuary – and from this summer on, our new project as well.

My Kristóf Konyhája I Kristóf’s Kitchen label lives on in my plant based cookbooks and in my food truck, franchise deals and private events, and on top of this, Nimrod Dagan, my husband, sous-chef and partner in crime and creativity will be leaving life as we know it behind, to turn towards a road less traveled by. Tel Aviv and Budapest will always be a base for us, but it’s time to step out of our comfort zones, and go influencing those who need it most, and get inspired too, by traveling to places where bringing along our tools and experiences of turning towards plant based life, and un-compromised self-acceptance would make us feel more useful for society.

With the change, our social media platforms will go through some major changes as well, and by the end of this tour we will be revealing our next major step, moving towards digital nomadism, eco and geo-tourism, and local producing. Meanwhile join us for a tour listing dates and venues, happenings and details, starting in Debrecen, going on in Budapest, arriving to Szeged, then returning to Tel Aviv, reaching out to Egypt, turning towards Italy, participating summer festivals such as Ozora and Sziget, arriving to Greece in October – more dates and events being added as we go…

Current and upcoming events…

• 05.06. – 05.07. We’ll be starting the tour with helping to set up the brand new menu at Kis Padlizsán, Debrecen’s legendary vegan restaurant. As we will mostly be at the kitchen, hit us of via Insta PM for a quick hug, book signing, or having a drink or two in Hungary’s second biggest city. Check them out here: Kis Padlizsán

• 05.08. I’ll be at Vegan Garden, for food photoshoots for magazines and collaborations – jump in for a quick meet and greet and time during the day, as we will be working on a new foodie editorial for Lila Füge magazine and for AdeZ plant based drinks. Thanks for the opportunit Lila Füge and Coca-Cola.

• 05.09. 13:00 NőComment round table talk at MOM Park, with book signing at 14:00 book signing, arriving at 15:30 to VII. VEGAN FOOD FEST – május 9-12 for a debate by MAVEG – Magyar Vegán Egyesület, for a talk on activism, veganism and plant based life. Event link for the morning program: Marionnaud – NőComment! nap – more details on NőComment FB page, the Vegan Food Fest is free of charge

• 05.10. 10:00 Mihalik Enikő, Hungarian supermodel will be waiting for all of us at the Unicef charity event, H and M, and whoever cannot come, meet us at the Trolls and Vegans Dinner party of my food truck (Trollok és Vegánok Titkos Vacsorája – Steiner Kristóffal) – see you at 19:00 for an open minded chat over amazing food. Event link: Mihalik x UNICEF Pop-Up Store by #HM and UNICEF Magyarország

• 05.12. 9:00 PKU family day by Nutritia and Danone hosts me for a workshop for 50 people, where I’ll be teaching preparations of dishes designed for special dietary needs. Thanks for the invite Csodabogár PKU Online Közösség and Danone Group

• 05.13. 18:00 Yet another Vegazzo workshop – sold out -, with my friends and foodies from my favourite plant based eatery of Szeged. Don’t you just love them: Vegazzo Vegan Bistro & Juice Bar?

• 05.14. 19:00 Animal Rescue Organisation Eszkuláp Állatvédő Egyesület’s dinner party, where we’ll be cooking, serving and feating together at Salt’n’Pepper Cooking School. Sorry, we’re sold out.

• 05.15. 15:00 Long awaited pop-up in collab with Babka Budapest, in two rounds seated dinners, presenting dishes I designed especially for Babka. Event link soon, meanwhile sign up via PM to the café’s FB page: Babka Budapest

• 05.16. 18:00 Énegyetem lecture, more over a face-to-face meeting with all those who are curious, where life is taking us next: I’ll be speaking of taking responsibility, moving out and moving on, and building bridges of communications. Tickets:  event link: Korunk hősei 1.0 Inspirációs est Steiner Kristóffal

• 05.17, 22, 24, 26 Anton’s Home, our interactive home theatre show in Yafo Creative returns – more days soon, tickets: +972507748213, WhatsApp please.

• 05.18. This year’s Eurovision song contest will be happening in Tel Aviv, Israel – whoever have the chance, meet us in the press tent where I’ll be representing Cosmopolitan Hungary on the final.

• 05.31. At 15:00 we meet at the Las Vegan’s burger eating competition (details on their FB page, then 17:00 I’m signings books at Libri Könyvesboltok at Corvin Plaza, then from 20:00: Vegan Garden, Kristóf’s Summer Kitchen – Nyárköszöntő lakomamóka Kristóffal

• 06.07. Hello Tuscany! gastro vacation at Apollo Viareggio where we’ll be teaching cooking classes and food workshops, while travelling around beautiful Italy. Join us, more details by the Culinarium team:

• 06.22. Múzeumok Éjszakája a Holokauszt Emlékközpontban – workshop, és kóstoló

• 07.06. At 14.00 we meet by MTV Hungary‘s float where Nimi and I’ll be playing music till the end of the parade.

• 07.06. Budapest Pride – you did not think we won’t be returning with our Dancing Queens party line, right? More details soon at Rainbow Party | Budapest Pride Official After Party 2019, tickets here.

• 07.07 Vegans and Omnivores Debate – open minded chat between opposers and promoters of plant based eating and vegan values, in Vegan Garden, with welcome bites by my food truck Kristóf Konyhája I Kristóf’s Kitchen. More details soon. Same day: Budapest Pride dinner – our plant based Pride Dinner in all the colours of the rainbow returns to Vegan Garden – pre registration is open via

• 07.08. Ursa Maior x Kristóf Joseph Steiner, details and sign up HERE.

• 09.09.10, see you in Szeged! 😉 Details soon…

• 08.02 Ozora Festival official festival is waiting for us with a fully plant based workshop titled Tel Aviv-Ramallah Express. Tickets here.

• 08.03 Vegan Garden dinner party… details soon!

• 08.13 Closing the season with a Madonna Party at SZIGET Festival 2019 festival, celebrating the Queen’s b-day and her fresh new album dominating charts all across the world, by MadameX. Tickets HERE.

Please note, the FB event page says this is a weekly event, but the listen events are not repeated – it’s simply set like this because FB now does not allow events longer than 2 weeks, yet out tour is on till the end of September. More to come – keep an eye on the event link. Hungaran descriptions – coming soon. For requests of collaborations please mail to or DM to my manager, friend and right hand Zsuzsa Sallai I Social platforms – FB foodie blog: CookOuting by Kristóf & Nimi – Vegan Foodie Tips ‘n’ Trips Around the World, Instagram: White City Boy and Life by Nimi I FB group: TVT – Trollok & Vegánok Tanácsa ♥ All photos by Zi Fernandes Stories 

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