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Hey you, we are Kristóf and Nimrod, a couple of vegan foodies, inviting guests for plant based culinary experience in our home restaurant at Yafo Creative Guest House, and we run our li’l catering company in Tel Aviv and Budapest, travelling to several cities all across the world, giving cooking classes and lectures, collaborating with tourism offices and travel agencies worldwide. Now Kristóf’s Kitchen is expanding into a food blog – for our own food creations and bookings with me as a chef or caterer visit this page, and meanwhile on CookOUTing FB blog we’re launching a travelling foodie adventures, showcasing all what we eat throughout our journeys!

Yes boys and gals, we are giving tips to hungry vegan travellers.on vegan-friendly restaurants, fully plant based eateries, bars that serve vegan snacks, bakeries offering plant based selections are all on our menu. Here’s a li’l selection from our recent visits – for even more tips and trips, visit the FB page already reachin’ up to 5K followers – thanks for the love, foodies!

“I am alone with Chinese food.”

Miranda cried in Sex and the City, and with all the compassion in our heart, that’s not the worse thing in the world… especially not in Athens! After having Indian food, Italian food and of course a lot visit at some traditional Greek tavernas – we had to check how is the Chinese food here in Athens.

Got to admit, this was not one of our cheapest eat, but it was worth every cent: for 45 Euros we had table full of delicious Chinese food, but the biggest different between this restaurant and the rest where we ate Chinese before is that the food tasted so gentle and pure, far from the usual greasy stuff with monosodium glutamate (that we have a secret obsession with after nights of heave drinking & partying). Speaking of drinking, we had the local Greek beer we love so much, the Mythos Beer, and 4 dishes…

For starters we had crispy spring rolls with sweet & sour sauce, along came the main course – the first one – a huge variety of vegetables on the wok with green peas, palm hearts, bamboo shots and shiitake mushrooms, then arrived the fried rice noodles with veggies, and in on top of everything: an amazing home made tofu with hot spicy sauce – that was probably the best Chinese dish we ever had! Oh, did we mention, the terrace it’s overlooking the Acropolis? So, Miranda Hobbs, when can we take you out for dinner? Thanks Asian Taste

“Let’s have some wonderful carbs – just for warming up our soul”, and we did…

The biggest and the most important tip about where to eat anywhere in the world when it’s come to the famous Italian dish- the #PIZZA, is honestly to look online at the pictures of the dough: not every Italian pizza is really fitting the Italian traditional kitchen, and in this case the size and actually more the thickness is the matter – the more the dough will be thinner on the middle, and have those perfect, burnt bubbles on the sides, the pizza has a bigger chance to be better! We happened to find the best pizza place in Athens, with a perfect dough, perfect hospitality, and the most important – perfect chef!

Who understands so well the Italian kitchen, and although the place or him are not vegan, he knew immediately how to deal with customers on plant based diet, even 15 minutes before closing time at 11 at night! We payed 15 Euro for a huge pizza full of different toppings, 2 bottles of beer and as a good night present we’ve got the most exciting dessert – caramelized raw mushrooms with saffron and sea salt. Thank you Piadina Lumbro – Italian Street Food x #LaBellaNapoli for this incredible meal, and your kindness, now we don’t need anymore to look for the next excuse to come back to Athens very soon.

There are no words to describe how excited & happy we are for being #BackInGreece

So on my birthday Nimrod Dagan decided we can’t wait till the summer to #travel to #Greece – our annual #Mykonos trip comes early this year, thanks to my love Nimi, but first we are spending some well deserved chilled time in #Athens 🥰 We’re madly in love with the city for a while now, the international vibes, the trash-smash vibes, the multicultural cuisine are making us #AddictedToGreece.

It’s our THIRD time in just half a year that we have returned to this cute & authentic #taverna in the main street of Monastiraki Flea Market / they have not much online presence, but it vannot be mistaken, it’s a corner shop with a large terrace, and it’s name translates to “2 Gates”. The menu was our beloved #FavaBeans, the Greek’s answer to hummus, we munched on fried zucchini, perfect alternative to borin’ ol’ fries, and we ordered a Greek salad with no feta cheese – who needs milk products when the fresh veggies are so perfect? Oh yeah… and a bottle of wine! All was 30 Euros – cheap as a salad with French fries & a bottle of beer back home in Tel Aviv!

#VeganBirthdayDinner – at Opa tlv!

Nimrod decided this year we’ll #celebrate into my #birthday, and took us for a full day of adventures hours before I turned 37. The last stop of festivities was #OpaTLV, a #PopUp restaurant that gained fame by having one specific #veggie as a base of each of their dishes: there’s “The Pear”, “The Beetroot”, “The Cabbage”, and so on… up until 8 (!!!) – that’s the number of the fabulous creations on their 340 NIS / couples #VeganTastingMenu

The food was inventive, creative & fun, the vegetables are prepared to pure perfection, showcasing the possibilities in each & every base ingredient. Chef Shirel Berger שיראל ברגר brought into life a new level of #VeganGastronomy into the already colorful #VeganScene. Every single bite was a new explosion of unexpected textures, scents & flavors! Shirel, can we make this permanent please? This restaurant cannot ever pop down! We’ll be back!

Two very big vegans at the #BeefBar – weird fantasy or an amazing experience?

“How can you sit there? I thought you are #vegan!”, that’s what use to hear sometimes from our “Vegan surrounding” about us sitting sometimes in a non- 100% #vegan restaurant. So yes, sometimes we are sitting in an (also) meat restaurant, burger places, or just a simply a bar where they are prepping and offering same small snacks next to the beer, sometimes it can be just a simple olives or french fries, and sometimes pieces of cheese or a hotdog.

We are not judging anyone, and we are not pushing ourselves to anyone’s plate. We believe everybody need the time to make change, and changes can not happen if someone is forcing you to change. But what we really appreciate is the not vegan places who are trying to make a step towards us – the #vegans, they are taking care of it we are not being left outside, making sure we’ll feel comfortable, and welcome and mostly satisfied and seventy. Is it so important to support those kind of places, to show them we appreciate them, to show them they have a reason to go on and think about us more and more, to make them understand that although they are running a not vegan restaurant, the vegans are still existing, still coming.

This week we visited a good friend of us Hubert at his latest incredible restaurant Beefbar Budapest. We had a pure vegan amazing lunch by #SipiTheChef’s ratatouille & Kristóf’s favorite grilled jalapeños, then an all vegan cream dessert soft as a cloud. Flushed down with soya cappuccino – on top of the same building, #LeoBudapest Leo Budapest bar, re-opening soon with breathtaking 360* panoramic views to the city of Budapest. Don’t judge, be open and mostly just love. Thank you Hubi & Chef Andras Sipos, hope to come back soon!

#HelloBudapest, hello kiskertpiac!

We opened our #Hungarian Kristóf Konyhája I Kristóf’s Kitchen tour with a #MarketDay, and for a change we didn’t arrive to Anker’t to work, only to chill: check out what a #PerfectPizza we’ve got for #lunch, thanks to vegażżi, the manufacturer of the one and only real #PizzaNapolitana in #Budapest, and on top of the joy, it’s #AllVegan (yes, even the cheese is #PlantBased)!

We also dipped our sticky finger into our BFF Kinga Wertheimer’s tunki-tunki spreads & dips we’re addicted to, we admired the #spicy #chilicollection of Rob-Chi chilitermékek, we contemplated buying some cactuses & herbs for our Butik Budapest hotel room, and we tried stopping ourselves from diving into delicious cakes. #Ankert venue is also a home of the monthly organized Vegan SundayMarket where I’m notorious of my Steiner Kristóf’s Kitchen workshops, so if u happen to be in #Hungary stop by – craft & draft beers, easy vibes, cewl peeps, and most importantly: #Vegazzi #VeganPizza is open even when there’s no #MarketDay! 🙏🏼

Can you handle THIS? 

It was such a pleasure to arrange the very first EVER #VeganSpaBrunchat InterContinental Budapest – and from now on, all these beauties, the sandwiches in 5 flavours (available gluten free as well), and the gigantic rainbow platter are available in Hungary, even when Kristóf Konyhája I Kristóf’s Kitchen is not there to make it happen personally.  My left hand in the kitchen, Emese Bojtos is now offering 100% vegan menu at Club Szendvics, based on my recipes, after cooking and baking together in Tel Aviv, our home and guest house Yafo Creative for 2 full days. Order yours at www.clubszendvics.hu

#Tuscany here we go again!

Less then a year passed since we’ve been last time, and we can’t even start to explain how much are we missing Italy. Luckily not for much longer time cos the boys are coming back! For 2 weeks we’ll stay at Apollo Viareggio hotel, we will host and teach 2 group separately for 1 full week. First week for Hungarian speaking crowd, between the 7 to the 14 of June, and then from the 14 to the 21 – English speaking group.

100% #vegan, 100% #joy, with our best team from the culinarium.hu. Cooking classes, workshops, a lot of Italian food experience, wine and coffee tasting, and the most important: seeing #Viareggio#Pisa#Florence, and many more magical places in Tuscany – #ItalyAll details HERE! There are still some available tickets for the Hungarian week, and more for the English speaking. Take a look at the website or at the Facebook page of Culinarium.hu, and make sure you are not missing your #vacation with us.

For having us visit your vegan-friendly business PM us or drop a WhatsApp message to +972548179478, can’t wait to see you, xoxo Kristóf & Nimi, Instagrams: White City Boy and @LifeByNimi – Our own vegan cooking world: Kristóf Konyhája I Kristóf’s Kitchen – Home and guest house in TLV: Yafo Creative – FB group: Titkos Vegán Traccsparti  

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