Tooth-good-to-be-true! – Tragicomic NYE vacation in Cyprus

“What will you do in Cyprus? Is there any place to eat at, go out to, and have fun at while it’s winter?” – so many asked us after we booked a Ryanair flight to Paphos to do a #RoadTrip driving around #CyprusIsland – and the answer is YES! 

Cypriot souls show their loving even more at winter time with less tourism around the island, and the nature is #breathtaking – after last night was fun on levels we cannot recall how or when we’ve been walking home from club & barhopping from Flairs Bar & Boogies Karaoke & Disco Club in Pafos we truly needed a #BeautifulDay of chill: since we’ve got a little (pink, of course) car from Europcar Cyprus / Europcar, so we’re free as birds, our local friends advised to drive by this coast pictured by me above, as Kourion beach is the most beautiful spot for catching the sunset. It was out of this world!

#IndiaInCyprus by YUMMY INDIA 

Each time we travel we get to a point where we MUST eat #IndianFood – being in Larnaca for NYE wasn’t an exception. After all the tasty taverva bites we had we got hungry for something more spicy, plus Hungarians believe on #NewYearsDay you GOT TO eat lentils, as it brings prosperity & wealth.

We had a golden dahl, some crispy onion bhajis, and mixed veggies “korma” style – all was over the top tasty, not to mention how cute & helpful our waiter was (thanks for telling us beforehand tha your windaloo sauce is so hot, it can be used as a secret weapon). We’ll be back – prices are moderate, vibe is homey, location is perfect, and the food is… YUMMY! 

What else we ate? The very last dinner of the year – at one of our top 5 favorite restaurants in the world! Thank u, shukran, Maqam Al Sultan Lebanese Food Heaven in Larnaca for your incredible, 12 (!!!) dishes fully vegan mezze selection – although Nimrod Dagan seems to think his fingers might be the 13th one… #FingerLickinDelicious.

Yet some say, when in Cyprus dine like a Cypriot – at Dionysus Mansion #Limassol. We had quite a romantic vegan dinner at Dyonysus Mansion, an upscale gourmet restaurant with traditional CyprusFood – tahinimushroom ragoutfried zucchinihome made breadgreek salad, and a bottle of delicious Cabarnet by KEO, the Island’s best beer co. that now produces #RedWine as well. Thanks for the delicious bites!

#WhatANight it was!

A few snapshots from our #NYE #party at Secrets Freedom Club #Larnaca #Cyprus. We kissed at midnight for about 3 minutes non-stop, then we danced all over the place for more than 3 hours. Whoever has a paparazzi pic of me spinnin’ around the pole, hit me up! Was an ab-fab party with killer hits & unforgettable vibes – thanks to all who’s been a part of it! Keep an eye on the account of #SecretFreedomClub as they have a big announcement comin’ up!

#ToothStory… I mean #TrueStory – not your average #Cyprus #vacation

Our original travel schedule called for arriving to Tel Aviv this weekend, and we were supposed to be traveling around the island, but a little tragedy stroke at New Year’s night: riding our bikes #MyHubby Nimrod Dagan fell, braking one of his front teeth, and although I told him he is sexy & beautiful even with half a tooth, even tried convincing him to continue our trip, he felt more safe flying back to #TLV – and for me the most important thing is for him to feel comfortable & loved.

By now Nimi has a brand new tooth (I have to admit, it is perfect, but I did love the #BrokenTooth style as well – a # broken front tooth gives the vibe of a #StreetArtist, a bohemian pirate, a #BadAss hipster. Cutting the #trip short was a “basa” as Hebrew says, but we’re not blue: there’s so much to do for us in 2019, it’s better staring it all earlier than later, and as Cyprus is a short plain ride away, we can always return. What we’ve learnt is: don’t drive a bike at night, in darkness, in a country where cars drive the opposite side, wearing slippers, after a party.

#NewYearNewMe… and new travelings ahead! 

GoldenBoy facial treatment – with Sacara Israel – סקארה #GoldMask. Recovery #spa time after a #crazy #NewYearsEve party in CyprusLarnaca. I’m not a #NewYearsResolution kinda man, so all I’m gonna say is this. If by any slight chance I dropped dead, no person should feel sorry for me for any reason, as I’d be the happiest, most fulfilled, most grateful dead guy on Earth. I can very honestly say, at this point my life is a blessing from all aspects, and the best #NewYear wish I could make is may everyone be at least as satisfied with his new year as I was with 2018. #LoveYou people! 

What we’re grateful for: it’s only a tooth, #ItCouldHaveBeenMuchWorse – we are very luckyblessed people, and I take it as our guardian angel’s first mission accomplished in the new year: protecting & taking care of us, always 🙏🏼 To finalize Nimi’s shiny new tooth soon we’re off to Budapest, as I only truly trust Karmadent Fogászat’s Dr. Krisztina Kósa who fixed my teeth in need – see you soon, Hungary, this will be our #ToothFairy trip! 😉 

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