It’s The Christmas / Silverster Countdown! – My 10+1 Things to Give Gratitude for This Year

10 +1 bullet points is not a lot to give details about all what I’m grateful for – can’t even start describing how much fun I had with my travel buddies in this year going on our cultural and culinary trips to Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Bethlehem and more, and how each place fills me up with different, inspiring energies. Join me for one of these magical trips next year – sign up via PM to the blog’s FB page -, and see all my reasons why you should be a part of my growing family of open minded, hedonistic foodies and travellers… 

Happy holidays from our family to yours – photos by Sara Salamon for Meglepetés magazine MENTES konyha, winter issue 2019 OUT NOW, more xmas recipes in my latest book in English and Hungarian.

  1. easyJet magazine, TRAVELLER named me as their top 3 favourite travel influencers, causing an explosion on my Insta account, reaching up to nearly 30K followers. Are u one of them? @kristofsteiner
  2. I have been hosting Cosmopolitan magazine’s annual blogger conference and award show, Cosmopolitan Blogger Days, where I was nominated as best foodie influencer as well. Cherry on the top: SpottedByLocals also named me as TOP 10 bloggers from Tel Aviv.
  3. Worldwide travelling is lookin’ up: we have been hosted by several restaurants, chefs and hotels all across the Globe this year, and we’re already ready for the next big thing: Culinarium Cooking and Gastro Week in Tuscany by the Italian Riviera – warning, only a few spots left to book. For future collaborations keep an eye on our pages Kristóf’s Kitchen, and CookOUTING.
  4. We are living in a palace – the very special opportunity to run Yafo Creative Guest House Tel Aviv came up when friend and artist Amnon Ron asked us to move into this 120 years old Ottoman apartment, managing the bookings, taking care of art exhibits, and he also gave us a chance to step up in the cooking game: a place like this can host dinners up to 25 people, not to mention the private cooking classes…
  5. Apart from my latest Hungarian recipe collection, my first ever English language cookbook is out as well, and already rocking the bestseller lists – get your copy right here.
  6. Our DJ alteregos got HUGE this year: I played music at Budapest Pride’s Madonna party (to be continued on SZIGET fest 2019), and my hubby Nimi started his very own party line spinnin’ pure party pop at events from Tel Aviv to Budapest and more. I’m feeling very fond of the Budapest Pride team and needless to say, I’ll be taking part of their their inspiring projects in the future as well.
  7. My baby, Új Kelet, the newspaper that I took to my care after it was about to go down in the drain 5 years ago is now so popular as back in it’s most glam days: we just celebrated it’s 100 years of publishing with guests speakers Merav Michaeli, Andras Heisler, Yair Lapid, and the whole Új Kelet magazine editorial group.
  8. My food is being shared even without me being there – Budapest’s coolest catering co. approached me to do a collab, selling my mini sandwiches and cold cut platters in Hungary: we took 48 hours with owner and manager Emese Bojtos, I thought her all the secrets of my spreads and dips, and now it’s all up for grabs with Club Szendvics.
  9. I’m a MARRIED man! We had a perfect little wedding with the besties and the closest family members on the last day of Summer, and ever since we are on honeymoon – may it never end! Follow my hubby on Insta as @nimrodagan 
  10. We have decided to TAKE OFF and see more of the world: from 2019 summer you can bump into us ANYWHERE you want us at: we’ll be starting in Italy moving up towards France, we’ll naturally jump to Mykonos, then we’re off to the States, to South America, later of Africa, Australia, and Asia – so, where will we meet for a fab night of cooking, baking, serving and feasting? Meanwhile come around to our second hand sale on the 28th of December – EVERYTHING must go!
  11. …or more of a +1: it’s a sad thing having to say good bye to such beauty and joy of a decade and a half – my beautiful Chinese Crested prince, Özge entered immortality in 2019, 9th of August. Still, I must remind myself how grateful I am for having the chance of giving him such a rich life, filled with travelings and fun, and the fact that I could be by his side and provide him all the comfort he needed on his last days was certainly the greatest thing that happened to me this year. He passed naturally in our bed, as I was hugging him, whispering “I love you forever” in his ears – and as one day we all must go, I just got to say, I cannot wish for a better way for myself.

Finally I’m grateful, happy and fulfilled having all of you beautiful people in my life – family, friends, collaborators, followers, group members of my FB family @KristOffStage, we are together set to change the world. Let another incredible year of start, happy holidays and prosperous new year to all, with this video edited by Omri Dagan. xoxo K

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Yafo Creative and Kristóf's Kitchen

VIDEO – Festive (and Plant Based) Xmas Feast by #KristofsKitchen at Yafo Creative 😉 It's that time of the year again: flickering festive lights all around Jaffa, beautifully decorated trees and carefully wrapped presents underneath are melting your heart, and holiday meals are being prepared at the local markets, and in our homes. Kristóf Joseph Steiner and Nimrod Dagan, Yafo Creative resident hosts and chefs of Kristóf Konyhája I Kristóf's Kitchen fixed a 15 dishes, 100% vegan Christmas meal to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year: preparing to Meglepetés magazin #MENTESKonyha's food photoshoot we thought: why not to throw an actual party? So we pumped up the xmas music, invited a few friends over, and asked our brother and talented composer / videographer Omri Dagan to bring his camera – this is how this li'l Christmas gift was born: a mood video showcasing all the incredible dishes we cooked, baked and served. Recipes are available in Steiner Kristóf's latest cookbook (, and you can even learn how to prepare them yourself: join a CookOuting by Kristóf & Nimi – Vegan Foodie Tips 'n' Trips Around the World culinary trip with personal cooking classes, gastronomy walks and travels around the country, or have these boys at your home, bar, café, restaurant, or hotel to collaborate on a foodie event your taste buds will never forget. 😉 Merry Xmas to all our past, present, and future guest – may #YafoCreative continue being The Place for great food, good vibes, mindblowing art, and everlasting creativity! Follow us on Insta as well: @yafocreative, White City Boy, Life by Nimi <3

Uverejnil používateľ Yafo Creative Sobota 22. decembra 2018

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