My easyJet-set Life – Traveller magazine’s Top 3 Insta profiles to follow feat. @KristofSteiner

Getting recognised is not an ego-boost, it’s simply how karma works: when you put your heart in what you do, appreciation will follow. That’s what I’ve learned this year being nominated at Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards as best foodie influencer, also when Spotted by Locals posted my blog as their favourite from TLV, and now when a major flight company is spreading my words miles above the clouds. 

When people say print is dead I always wrinkle my forehead – I will always adore the scent of freshly printed magazines. Also, when people call the influencer generation the parish of professionalism I reply: cannot agree, as I’m so glad we live at a world now where corporates and creatives co-exist and inspire each other. It’s an incredible honour and joy that easyJet‘s in-flight mag Traveller that gets to 7 million people / month picked me as one of the major travel influencers of the Insta-scene. On top, their app allows you to simply spot a place I’m holidaying, hosting pop-up dinners, or arranging parties at, and by showing it to the easyJet app community you’ll get travel tips on how to follow me there, insta(nt)ly.

Look&Book app feature lets you book a flight from an Instagram screenshot that you upload to the easyJet app – try it and travel with me whenever, wherever. See how it works…

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So, are you following me? For personal culinary and culture, party and adventure trips in collaboration or as a project together mail to My cooking world: Kristóf Konyhája , FB food blog: CookOuting by Kristóf & Nimi – Vegan Foodie Tips ‘n’ Trips Around the World , Life’n’Style blog: White City Boy , MY NEW COOKBOOK: xo Steiner Kristóf

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