On Da Road… Again – Meet me in Transylvania, Budapest, Balaton and Tel Aviv, so we can greet my NEW cookbook: finally with an English language section!

Here we go again – my brand new book is OUT soon, so finishing up my spring / summer tour, crowing it with a full month of wedding festivities I’m once again ready to visit your city to re-unite in the name of good food, fair treatment of animals and nature, hedonism, culture, and learning more about life. Apart from arriving to Budapest exactly on the days Fashion Week (what a happy coincidence, right?), here are all the dates and times you could run into me – so, where and when will you give me a hug?

Jewish Days in Cluj / Kolozsvári Zsidó Napok – 21st of October

A celebration of diversity in Transylvania – 3 days dedicated to Judaism and Jewish Culture, where I’ll be presenting our 100 years old Hungarian language newspaper. The latest issue is focusing on civil start-ups in Israel – come along ont he 21st of October to hear Chief Editor Eva Vadasz and myself speaking of the past, present and future of the one and only Hungarian print publication in Israel.

More details here.

Kabbalah Course with Shlomo Kövesh / Kabbala Kurzus Köves Slomóval  – LIVE online, 24th of October ’18

It’s an honour to be asked to participate a spiritual and mystical course giving details on Kabbalah, the ancient wisdom leading up to Judaism as we know it today. Find out more about the course – join our live session on the 24th night.

More details here.

Cosmopolitan Blogger Days and Blogger Awards – 26th and 27th of October

Take two days off from life and focus on becoming better in your social media activism: learn how to gain followers in an organic way, meet the most wanted influencers of Central Europe, and check out who’ll be winning the prices this year – note, apart from being the host I’m nominated as best foodie influencer of the year.

More details here.

LIMMUD 2018 – Film, movie, video fest focusing on Jewish Art – 27th and 28th of October

Stick with me and be a part of an inspiring cultural revolution at LIMMUD Hungary’s annual event – where I’ll be hosting and Israeli breakfast cooking class in my hotel room, and I’ll tell it all about my recent trip all across the Holy Land from Israel through the West Bank to Palestine.

More details here.

Charity Dinner / Jótékonysági Vacsora, with Eszkuláp Animal Rescue Organization – 28th of October

Eszkuláp is one of Hungary’s most famous doggies – just as my Chinese Crested, Özge… was: as by now both of them are looking at us from above, probably being very happy we never forget them. That’s why we’re throwing a dinner party honouring these two doggie angels – and all dogs in need: sign up and save a pet by cooking with me and feasting on delish vegan food.

More details here.

World Vegan Day / Vegán Világnap with MAVEG, the Hungarian Vegan Society – 1st of November

Equality for all, mercy for the animals, peace to Mother Earth and awakening for humens – on the world vegan day I’ll be part of a round table talk where we’ll be discussing if veganism and plant based lifestyle could bring calm to this Planet – before it’ll be too late to fix all what we screwed up.

More details here.

Cruella DeWill Goes Vegan at Veganeeta Home x Kristóf Steiner Plant Based Halloween Dinner Party – Balaton, 2nd of November

Put on your red shoes and dance – or whatever you wish to wear, and it’s out of the ordinary! We’ll be cooking-baking-serving you mouthwatering, yet oh-so-ugly dishes dedicated to the most scary holiday of the year. Sign up fast ’cos time is tickin’ – see u for a 5 course dinner from veggie hell!

More details here.

Soul Yoga and Vegan Workshop at Zalaegerszeg – 3rd of November

Leaving the capital behind I’ll be hosting a spiritual lecture spiced up with a guided meditation, and a cooking show for 60 people where we’ll be making a bit of a taster from my latest cookbook’s most wanted recipes.

More details here.

Kristóf’s Secret Recipes Pre-Book Launch Cooking Class / Pre-könyvbemutató Főzőkurzus – 6th of November

My favorite cooking class, my favorite format of entertaining and hosting: 20 friends creating delicious dinner together, followed by a gigantic feast. As we only have a few tickets left, sign up super fast – and see you soon cheering with yummy vino, enjoying the best of my upcoming publication, and of course selfie-ing and book signing the hell outta the night.

More details here.

Secret Cocktail Party by Nimi and Kristóf – 7th of November

Details to follow soon.

The Official Kristóf’s Kitchen / Kristóf Titkos Receptjei Book Premiere – 8th of November

I’m so excited and happy to be having Stella D. Banlaki, writer and journalist, activist and socialite on the stage of Magnet House Budapest – she’ll be the one interviewing me on my fresh new release: a recipe collection of 108 dishes, 54 in English, 54 in Hungarian. Special discount for those who buy the book with the entry ticket – expect welcome bites by my latest partner in catering crime, Club Sandwich, and fully vegan wines by Kristinus, my absolute favorite winery in Hungary.

Get your tickets here. 

Veg ’n’ The (White) City – Culinary Week at Yafo Creative with Kristóf and Nimi: 7 days of food tours, gastronomy workshops and cooking classes

Our Boutique Guest House we’re running and living at turns into a temple of vegan food for a week: I’ll be teaching 4 cooking classes, arranging 4 unforgettable workshops, and conducting 4 trips to Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Tel Aviv’s markets, and more – for a small group of foodies moving in with us for an absolutely incredible vacation.

More details here.

Új Kelet 100 – Kiállítás / Exhibition by Lou Kiss aligning our cover art series for our proud and joy: Israel’s 100 years old Hungarian language news outlet – 6th of December

Lou Kiss is my longtime collaborator, visual magician and awesome artist – this is why we ask her month after month to illustrate our print newspaper, accordingly to the current thematics of the magazine. Now first time ever we’ll all have a chance to see her drawings and paintings side by side – at our home and guest house, Yafo Creative.

Details coming soon to Új Kelet page.

Csak a Mentes Karácsonyi Vásár / X-mas Fair – 8th of December I Vegan Food Fest Christmas Market 14th and 15th of December

Food allergies and dietary restrictions often turn holidays into hell for those who choose eat healthy – but not if you’ll visit us at Hungary’s iconic festive happenings for vegans, plant based boys ’n’ gals, and all who suffer from gluten or lactose allergy. Beautiful set-up, exciting exhibitors, and delightful programs await for us – and Santa, if he’s deciding to finally let Rudolf free.

More details here and soon here.

Keep an eye on the link, and on my social media platforms, ’cos this list will be growing – plus I’ll be sharing news on TV shows I’m participating in: this fall Viasat3 channel included me in 2 fun and funny programs, one all about cooking, the other… let’s keep that as a secret for now.

xoxo K, Insta: @kristofsteiner

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