Magical Mykonos Honeymoon + Our Wedding Photo Album

How I got so lucky – I don’t know, all I know is that karma took me in his arms & took me to a place I never imagined I could be at. Every day I’m grateful for #MyLife, and#GivingThanks for the connection that make my world bright & beautiful as this is #NotTakenForGrantedNimi#MyLove#MyHusband, our honeymoon took me to a #NewLevel of happiness – I feel such prosperity & #HighEnergy, I believewe’ll take this magic with us all through #OurLife – present and future, having the chance to forever & always inspire ourselves and the whole world never to loose faith in#LOVE

Good bye #MiddleEast, hello Greece! As every #IndianSummer since we’ve met Nimrod Dagan and I have returned to Mykonos, our favorite holiday spot, the #CharmingPrince of the #Cyclades#PartyKid #paradise, and so much more – except this time it’s not only a vacation, it’s our #HoneyMoon! I’m so happy I have #NoWords to describe the feeling – my soul is so free here, my mind is clear, and my heart is bumping with all the love for u #MyHusband Nimi.

#IndianTaverna – is that an oxymoron? As much as I’m a #GreekCuisine fan & love the taverna food creations in Mykonos after nearly a week on our #HoneyMoon in Greece I started to have the desire to spice up our life – so we headed to the #IndianPalace #IndianRestaurant at #ParadiseBeach, a #BeachRestaurant, and had the #BestDinner ever: #AlooGobi#ChanaMasala, and #samosa, the #HolyTrinity of #IndianFood. The #SuperParadiseMykonos #IndianCuisine heaven and I already have a history: that’s where my hubby ate #IndianDinner first time in his life 3 summers ago when we visited this #GreekIsland paradise together, and he instantly fell in love with the masala & curry vibes: since then he told me countless times: “Baby, I’m so happy you introduced me to #IndianCooking – dining #IndianDish is the only #food experience that can be compared to how much I adore eating hummus”, and that is one major compliment.

“Hello, can we see the menu please?” I asked in the most naive way at a beach restaurant’s entrance, and although the hostess was very kind and sweet I did sense a little bit of confusion in the air – she gave me the card with a slight smile like no person ever asked for the menu before. The hotel, Nissaki Boutique Hotel we’re staying at for just one night is right on the bay where the place is located – it turned a bit windy in the past few days and we allowed ourselves to check into a hotel with a spa so we can get heated up after driving around on our quad, and relax in the hammam before going out partying. Little did we know that the room we booked actually have a private mini pool on the terrace, and a gigantic jacuzzi in the room, and the only reason we could afford it was the off season last minute discount. I was thinking all this surrounding does look a bit fancier than what we’re used to – no bazaars, no tavernas, but there is a Gucci store by the beach. Weird enough, but being clueless about where we actually are I thought they might have some nice taverna-style fusion food around here. They didn’t. “No thanks, you are very kind but maybe tomorrow” – I said giving back the card, seeing there’s no fava or hummus on the menu, and she replied: “tomorrow we’re closing the season – but do stay for lunch now, we really love your style”.

I was taking it as a typical Myconian compliment, we said “we’ll think about it” as an excuse, and walked away, later on finding a cute taverna by the sea close by, at the neighbouring bay and had delicious traditional Greek food: got my fava, boiled greens and fried zucchinis. Very happy with our dinner soon arriving back to the hotel I decided to check out online – out of curiosity – where exactly are we, as visiting Mykonos for the 5th year I never even heard of this beach, nor the restaurant. No wonder I didn’t: reviews said: “if you’re not a billionaire or a celebrity don’t bother – they won’t even let you in”, “Sparou is the rich beach – a sun bed costs 20 Euros”, “swim with the superstars – if they let you”, and so on. Turns out we moved next to Nammos by chance – the “it place” where even international celebs don’t get a table, and I actually refused to stay after being offered to take a seat… just because they had no hummus and the vibe did feel a bit too fancy for us And that’s the true story how I understood once and for all that no matter what I’ll always be a gipsy at heart, who appreciates better a great hummus on a chipped plate than sitting on the same terrace with the Kardashians.

Good morning Mykonos, good morning hurricane #Zorba. Cyclades islands lashed by torrential rain and 55mph winds. Ports were closed down, flights got cancelled, the storm destroyed electricity cables even in parts of Athens, disrupted suburban rail services, and schools out till further notice… Nimrod Dagan, our love is so powerful, all our honeymoon passion ended up creating a tropical typhoon. The best thing about being on a honeymoon is not reading the news. Just found out that what we interpreted as a li’l wind is actually a hurricane that’s very rare on the Mediterranean region, it started as a storm named Xenophon, and by now it’s a proper tropical-like twister named #Zorba. I wasn’t suspicious when yesterday a wave nearly pulled us in the sea while taking a selfie, and wasn’t feeling unsafe at all while driving my helmet was simply blown off my head. The medicane – as pros call it – hit the Cyclades was expected to reach it’s peek last night with up to 11 metres high waves.

Schools are closed down, flights and ferries are canceled, and all this time we’ve been driving around the island on a 50 cc quad, saying “oh, Mykonos, the Island of Winds – so special, so beautiful”, and it never stopped us from discovering hidden beaches, going out dancing, or having a time of our life on our honeymoon. It was still sunny, bars – unlike schools – kept open, so as far for our needs we were just having a bit of a strong wind. The twister is now on it’s way towards Turkey, and we’re safe – mostly because the feeling of safety comes from within, and not from the weather chancel. If I knew about all this before I’d probably be alarmed, but as we were too high on love to give a damn about the 80 km / h winds now I’m sitting in our jacuzzi on the terrace watching the gigantic waves hitting the shores, thinking how true it is what they say: ignorance is a bliss. Be safe, everyone all across the Mediterranean – and remember that the primary reason for us having to experience all this is because us humans majorly f_cked up this Planet. Be good to the Earth, be good to yourself.

“Eat breakfast like a king” – states the old saying, but we prefer to have the first meal of the day like a princess… at Mykonos Princess, our favourite hotel in Mykonos, where we’re returning year after year. We arrived to the very last stop of our honeymoon – and as much as we enjoyed it all, being back at #MykonosPrincess puts the crown on the head of this journey. It’s the only place on the Island that offers vegan a la cart breakfast – and every time we return it’s just getting better and better, more colourful, more exciting. This morning we had avocados “butter” with toasted sunflower seeds, balsamic glazed cherry tomatoes, gently fried mushroom with thyme and olive oil, spicy shakshuka, freshly squeezed, delicious orange juice, and of course loads of soy milk latte… as we arrived back from Mykonos town at 6.15 AM. I guess for us the proverb would be: party like a dancing queen! And yes – we are wearing our wedding jellabiya, as we thought: what could be a better place to flaunt it one more time than the perfect honeymoon spot.

Could not feel more inspired – while honeymooning in Mykonos I’m finalising my first ever English language cookbook, coming out in the end of October. Sometimes people who see me sitting and writing, bz a glass of wine, laughing out loud, getting emotional or simply smiling like crazy think I’m reading some easy summer read by the sea, and when I tell them I’m editing my own recipes they ask me: “Really, you are WORKING on your honeymoon?!” Truth is that writing recipes, cooking, baking, making food, and telling stories about my culinary journey is not really a job for me – same way others enjoy reading a novel I’m getting recharged by being creative, and sharing my adventures. Here’s my latest craze…

Quick recipe tip for honeymooners in Mykonos – fried zucchini sticks, a Greek classic we often munch on at the local tavernas. Give’em a go, they’re super easy to make: cut the zucchini half length wise, slice into strips, mix flour (gluten free option can be done with chickpeas flour), squeeze in a piece of garlic (or four – lol), season with black pepper and salt, and mix it with enough bubbly water to get a thick, mayo-like mixture. Coat the slices with the white paste, heat some oil in a pan, and fry them golden. Spice it up with oregano and thyme. καλή όρεξη, enjoy your meal.

xoxo Kristóf Joseph Steiner / Steiner Kristóf, Insta: White City Boy  – Cooking events in Hungary: Kristóf Konyhája – Cooking classes, culinary tours and vegan-friendly guest house / home in Tel Aviv-Jaffa: Yafo Creative – Join me for a week of cooking at our home: Veg & The (White) City – Gourmet TLV Holiday w/ Kristóf Steiner – Upcoming events in Budapest: Cosmopolitan Blogger Days by Cosmopolitan Hungary – More events around the cookbook launch #COMINGSOON


by Mate Czaban, Kinga Wertheimer and Alex Gad 

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