The Whole World Is My Kitchen! – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About my World Vegan Tour (…but was sick and tired of Googling)

A brand new season is ON, with great old friends! Cook, bake, chat, walk, discover, and most importantly have uncompromised fun with me this summer – all my events, all the venues, all the details in one handy post for those who are just as hungry for vegan delicacies as they are starving for adventure. (Magyar szöveg az oldal alján.)

“Cooking With Kristóf” – Shabbat Cooking Course in London

Bringing the sunshine to London from Tel Aviv… and some Middle Eastern SPICE!  Londoners, on the 5th of May it’s your time to get carried away – into Kristóf’s Kitchen. I’m visiting the UK to hold a Tel Aviv-inspired cooking workshop and you are invited to join in. But let’s talk about the menu we are cooking together…

Starter: Hummus „masabacha” – Warm and chunky chickpeas stew topped with caramellized onions and balsamic-fried Portobello mushrooms, main course: oven baked „siniyah” – Smoked cauliflower and lentils casserole with sun dried tomatoes, sprinkled with vegan „cottage cheese”, side dish: tabuleh salad – chopped vegetables with aromatic herbs, couscous, and dried cranberries, with clementines-infused maple and mustard dressing, dessert: malabi – sweet almond milk cream topped with forest fruits and caramelized nuts, and a touch of rose water.

Click here for the Facebook event link, and here to buy tickets 

“Pub Food Goes Vegan” – Plant based Dinner at London’s Windmill Pub 

Badass and über-creative chef and food blogger, Ines The Wild Chef invited me for a collaboration to her trendy London pub, The Windmill In The City – where we will be cooking vegan versions of your favorite pub food dishes. Savory muffins, juicy pies, scrumptious salads, and a demo cooking class is waiting for those who join us on the 6th of May, Saturday. A few tickets are still available – say you’ll be there, and spice up your life with vegan magic. Event link right here, for tickets go to this page.

“Vegan Is The New Kosher” – Lecture at the Westminster Chai, London

After last year’s success, Westminster Chai is back with an inspiring, enriching and fun day of workshops, courses and sessions for all ages and all interests. Be inspired as 20 guest speakers and facilitators join us to explore a whole host of different topics with an Israeli spin as we celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut. There will be something for everyone including martial arts, yoga, food, art, politics, history, film, the Bahai and more.  My lecture held on 7th of May the is titled “Vegan is The New Kosher – The rise and blaze of plant based life in Tel Aviv, Israel, and across the Globe”.

Living in Tel Aviv the question “where should we eat?” is probably the most common sentence we recite with my friends. The White City is famous from being the Middle East’s most progressive culinary hotspot, thanks to the fabulous combination of Ashkenazi, Arabian and Mediterranean dishes. In Tel Aviv spirituality and veganism walks hand in hand: even the most popular restaurants are making efforts to become “vegan friendly”. Let’s look behind the “trend” together and find out the secret connections between veganism, Judaism.

FB event link – here, tickets here

  Kristóf’s Kitchen Food Truck and Pop-Up Event at the “Vegan Food Fest”, Budapest

Vegan Food Fest, is Hungary’s greatest excuse to come together and eat, eat, eat, and eat a bit more of the food the country’s most exciting vegan caterers, restaurants, chefs and newbies are creating. Imagine a huge fest aligning burgers, roasts, sausages, curries, cakes, breads, drinks, natural cosmetic products, and so much more! Event link here. My foodtruck’s selection will be available on the spot – and watch out for the 13th of May as I might just surprise you with a pop-up to remember… #DetailsSoon

“Israel 69” – Israeli Independence Day in Budapest, with Vegan Workshops by Kristof’s Kitchen

The country I live at, for almost a decade now is celebrating it’s 69th bday, and therefor the Israeli Cultural Institution decided to hrow a full day party for kids, families, grown-ups, party people, and of course foodies. All this in one of Budapest’s most beautiful city parks, St. Ishtvan park.

My workshop on the 14t of May will include the culinary treasures of West-Galeel, inviting all for an imaginary road trip to Akko aka Acre, one of my favorite cities in the world. The authentic menu includes a special kinda hummus with grilled veggies, a “shuk”, aka “market” salad, and tofu cheese flavored with “zatar”, a close relative of thyme, super-popular in the Middle East. On the top of all this, my food truck’s selection will be available as well, thanks to my dedicated partner in culinary and crime, Balazs Vajas.

FB event – here, registrations for the workshops – on the spot. 

“European Road Trip in Kristof’s Kitchen” – Cooking Course in Budapest

Let’s get together on the 16th of May for a glass (or two) of chilled, dry white wine, and travel all around the Old Continent on the wings of European culinary. My 3 hours cooking class guides you to the French Riviera, the Italian coasts of Amalfi, and the ever busy pubs of foggy London town.

Gluten free mini pizza, shepherd’s pie, ensalata mixta, and Parisian chocolate mousse is waiting for you – and some tricks you’ll treasure for life. Ending the event we’ll all sit around the table for a wonderful vegan feast.

FB event link right here, and go ahead to buy your tickets here

 Kristóf Steiner X Menza Restaurant Budapest – A Unique Collaboration

When I used to live in Budapest, and I wasn’t a vegan, my all time favourite restaurant was Menza, on the city’s ever busy Liszt Ferenc square. Retro design, modern culinary twists, and the friendliest crew ever. The switch came when I turned to a plant based diet, and suddenly I found myself sippin’ coffee only at Menza – and after years of frustration, I finaly came to the conclusion: we must change this. On the May 17th I’m presenting a vegan menu dedicate ed especially to Menza, and the “Kristóf’s Kitchen” dishes will be staying up for grabs for two whole weeks. More info coming soon – don’t tell me you’re not super excited!

“Stay Open, Be Responsible, Try Vegan” – Lecture and Presentation in Budapest

“They may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” – says John Lennon in his iconic song Imagine, and he is right. But would it be even possible to build a new global world order, a new value system, being based on not harming each other, and not even ourselves? In my very first lecture for such large crowd I’m focusing on trying to make a link between enjoying life (and good food) without feeling like having to compromise. I’m expecting you with “secret” tips for the kitchen, inspiring travel stories for the soul, and a total no-judgment zone for the mind, on the 19th of May.

FB event link and ticket links are both available.  

“Piggy, You Got Lucky!” – Jackfruit “Pulled Pork” Cooking Show at OTP Gourmet Festival, Budapest

Discover the authentic and world-class gastronomy of Hungary in Budapest between 18-21 May. OTP Bank Gourmet Festival invites you to a wonderful culinary adventure where you can meet not only the very best of Hungarian gastronomy, but some of the best chefs and restaurants of the entire region.

On the 20th of May I shall amaze both vegans and meat-eaters at the Gastro Stage with dishes like the vegan “pulled pork” – lentils and jackfruit in fried dried tomato-sage mini buns, with mayonnaise cabbage salad or cashews and “secret ingredient” cheesecake with fresh strawberries.

FB event link: here, tickets here.

 “Madonna Goes Vegan” – My Mad Madge Bash in Budapest, With Plant Based Bar Snacks

Whoever took the dance floor already on my Madonna parties, knows exactly that there are no questions to ask – just circle the day in your calendar: on the 20th of May we’ll be riding on the wind, expressing ourselves, let our body go with the flow – ‘cos bitch, we are all Madonna.

I’ll be spinning the records wit a pro DJ friend, and will be responsible for the non-stop dancing, you’ll grab your pointy bra, beauty spot, cowboy hat, and whatever makes you feel like you are born again. My vegan treats at the bar are just beautiful and flavourful cherries on the top. Event link and details here.

Tel Aviv Pride Week

 The White City turns pink for a week, thanks to the Middle East’s most fascinating LGBTQ event, TLV Pride. One of the special cases we are actually staying in Tel Aviv – so feel free to book a tailor made city walk in Tel Aviv, a romantic table at our cozy home restaurant, Kristof’s Kitchen and Nimi Bar, or go for an all-traveling, all-eating culinary-cultural trip with me to the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and more.

Join me and my boyfriend Nimrod Dagan writer of Israel’s coolest gay online platform MAKO, as we share our experiences, insider tips, and – if drunk enough – some saucy pics on our Insta accounts, @whitecityboy and @nimrodagan. From the 4th of June until the 11th, parade: the 9th of June

Judafest Street Festival, Budapest

 On the 11th of June you’ve got a date – with my food. Welcome to Judafest, the Jewish street festival in Budapest’s coolest district, where the streets turn into one big ball for all, and I take the stage to host an Israel-inspired cooking workshop. My menu and the exact program coming soon, event link here.

Improvisation is Creation – Improvised Theatre Show in Budapest

When a little while ago I appeared in a Comedy Central show, so many of my followers were shocked: “You can do THIS as well?” Many doesn’t know, but my first love was actually theatre: I was an actor and voice artist up until the TV business ate me up alive, and from that moment Hungarian theatres treated me like I don’t exist – yup, in this country you got to pick if you wanna be popular, or intellectual. I guess it’s no news that I chose both – that’s why I’m returning on stage with an impro show on the 13th of May, with Momentan, Hungary’s most hilarious improvisation theatre group. Details soon…

Madrid World Pride

 My baby and I got really lucky this year: after last year’s collaboration with Benidorm Pride, the Spanish Tourism Office invited us to the world’s greatest PRIDE event, the Madrid World Pride, expecting millions from all over the Globe. We’ll be there to report from the spot, and share with you the vibe of the “chicco latinos” turning Madrid upside down. Catch up with us between the 28th of June and the 3rd of July.

“Talkshows Over The Rainbow” – Round Table Talks az Sziget Festival’s Magic Mirror Stage, Budapest

Europe’s most popular festival, SZIGET returnd with a brand new line up, and as usually, I’ll be hosting the round table talks and talk shows on the stage of the LGBTQ tent, Magic Mirror. Detailed program comin’ up soon – meanwhile get yourself a ticket before they sell out as fast as they did last year. Mark your calendar: 9-16 of August…

All photos taken by Mate Czaban. Venue: Belvarosi Studio. Hair – color by Zsuzska Dercsenyi, styling by Patrick Stone. Outfits by HM Budapest Showroom – thanks Patricia and Benji. Follow the blog’s FB page for daily updates.


Tíz feledhetetlen esemény, amelyeken találkozhatunk, főzhetünk, habzsolhatunk, eszmét cserélhetünk, koccinthatunk, kacaghatunk, elérzékenyülhetünk idén nyáron, együtt. 

Minden eseménylinken pontos leírást találtok a helyszínekről, és a regisztrációt, jegy vásárlást illetően – egy csokorba gyűjtve pedig az angol nyelvű bejegyzés szövegébe illesztve találhatók meg, a “tickets” linkekre kattintva – mindez Mate Czaban Photography új stúdió fotóinak kíséretében, melyek meggyőzően vetítik előre, mekkora mulatság, milyen színes forgatag, milyen szuper izgalmas hónapok várnak ránk, közösen.

xo Kristóf Joseph Steiner I #SteinerKristof I

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