Top 5 Affordable Cities to Visit on Valentine’s Day

If you are wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day, look no further, travel with your loved one. As much as I adore the White City, what better way to spend time than see how different cities can captivate us – because they do have a lot to offer. This however doesn’t have to be expensive, so below are some of the affordable cities you can visit with your partner during this day of love and affection. 

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in Europe. It has very beautiful 19th century architecture and romantic views from bridges. The city also boasts of rich history. There are in fact buildings that have the very first bullet holes from the Second World War. This city is one of the most underrated in Europe but people have definitely started discovering it.

A wise move would be to head up there before it is completely discovered and crowded. Some places to visit are like the Museum of Fine Arts, Memento Park, House of Terror and Castle Hill. This city will intrigue and delight you without breaking the bank. If you are interested in booking a hotel in Budapest then there are loads of online comparison sites which can help you find the best price.

Brugge, Belgium

Brugge is one of those cities pulled out of a fairy tale. The atmosphere is mainly created by the quaint houses and cobblestone streets. It is a chocolate heaven; it is almost impossible to walk for a block without seeing a chocolate shop selling the famous Belgium chocolates.

You and your partner can take a romantic boat ride through the beautiful canals or hitch a horse carriage ride. A beautiful city for a beautiful time, and affordable too so money shouldn’t deter you.

Barcelona, Spain

This city is for the couple that is adventurous. Barcelona boasts of charm, interesting history and amazing food. The streets are decorated with vintage shops making it very easy to fall in love with.

Here, you will enjoy the energy during the day, see the different sites, then dine in style and have a fun night out. With its adventurous night life, you will have an upbeat Valentine’s Day and you will surely remember it.

Melbourne, Australia

Strategically located at the coast of Australia, Melbourne offers the perfect Valentine’s Day plan on a budget. It is often described as ‘A little Paris by day, a little NewYork by night”.

Such a combination without breaking your limbs for the experience. It has very beautiful gardens and charming entertainment bars to ensure you and your partner enjoy your special day.

Parlemo, Sicily

If Paris is the first place you would fancy but cannot afford, go to Palermo. It is a good alternative. Secluded, charming and less expensive than what Paris and Rome have to offer. Beautiful sites, warm environment – just good enough to make you fall in love all over again. While in Parlemo, you can admire the beautiful mosaics in Monreale, visit the Ballaro market and go for a romantic picnic in Monte Pellegrino.

These cities will give you and your partner a memorable Valentine’s Day, all within your budget. Travel, explore and experience the beauty and warmth as you rekindle your love. Don’t forget to capture the moments for posterity – and tag me on Insta.

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