Eurotrip for The Mind & The Soul – My Vegan Food Truck Opening Tour

I arrived to Budapest Hungary to officially open my vegan food truck, Kristóf konyhája, but what I experienced throughout this Euro-trip was so much more than just #workworkworkworkworkwork.

In the past 3 weeks I have been blessed with incredible experiences both on personal, and professional level…

It was shocking and heartwarming to meet over 500 souls being curious of my all-sold-out events and happenings.

Crazy to think that at the food truck opening party we gave out 200 portions of delicious veggie meals to you guys, within just two hours.

The full house cooking courses at the Hungarian capital’s Salt and Pepper Cooking School and Székesfehérvár’s Paleo Centre’s beautiful and homey culinary academy were memorable opportunities to meet the readers of my vegan cookbook, and share a few (or more) glasses of wine while getting busy in the kitchen together.

I also hosted vegan workshops at the Israeli Cultural Institution, I have been invited by The Jewish Agency to give a lecture on Tel Aviv’s LGBTQ and vegan culture, and organised and cooked a cosmopolitan brunch for 50 beautiful people  – including my favourite food blogger, cookbook writer and cooking show host, Zsófia Mautner of Chili and Vanilia – in collaboration with Casati Hotel and Tuk Tuk Bar.

What a night – my Madonna party line came to it’s wildest event ever, in collaboration with Vibe Budapest: at Gödör Club we went hard, and went home only at sunrise. Thanks for all rebel hearts who were ready to jump and ride with me. Quite diverse events, right? It’s no miracle that I could barely gather my current projects while appearing in TV talk shows, magazine and newspaper interviews, telling all the stories about these magical meet-ups.

But the real deal started off after finishing with all the business, and my baby landed in Budapest.

After picking him up we grabbed our 12 years old baby Chinese crested doggie Özge, and headed to Bükkfürdő thermal baths, where an incredibly comfortable and welcoming resort, Hotel Caramell Premium Resort hosted us for a little  spa-la-la.

Soon longing for the „big city life” we were off to Vienna, Austria, where we stayed at a stylish and central apartment hotel, Stanys, munched on incredible vegan burgers (close to being as good as Budapest’s Vegan Love Streetfood’s perfect sandwiches) and nuggets Swing Kitchen, and had an absolutely incredible „all you can eat” brunch at Xu’s Cooking.

Arriving back to Budapest we spent a day with our besties as guests of our „second home” in Budapest, Casati Hotel, enjoying a „life time supply” of Vegan Grill’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g meatless sausages and salamis with our breakfast.

And of course ipping unforgettable cocktails at the city’s most famous cocktail bar, Tuk Tuk, and getting deep into the lunchbox of Vegan Love Streetfood – try their newbie, their plant based, juicy gyros / shawarma in whole weat pita bread.

Chill and work mixes all the time when my friends Kinga Wertheimer and Mate Czaban appear in my life, as we are not only BFFs, and they are not just love birds, but all of us are business partners as well – look at all this incredible meal from Vegan Love, we stuffed in ourselves in the name of professional education, LOL.

Kinga’s vegan spread and dip brand, tunki-tunki is the city’s hottest topic right now – get it at Hungary’s coolest gastronomy market, Pancs (the vegan cakes and pies are total must-tries), or at my vegan food truck at Food Truck Court, Üllői street 51, in collaboration with my favourite Hungarian chef Balazs Vajas.

Mate Czaban is one of the most talented photographers I ever worked with – he contributed to my vegan cookbook published in 2015, and ever since we worked together countless times. This season he was the photographic master who took pics at my book signing event, and we also cooked and baked some fresh recipes as well, soon out in a Hungarian culinary magazine.

The final touchdown was Kolozsvár, Transylvania where my boyfriend’s parents, Ezra and Irit joined us as well – we spent 5 chilled days in this awesome little city, researching the roots of my loved one, visiting his late grandma’s old house where she grew up and lived happily before the horrors of the Holocaust.

It was emotional and touching experiencing all this together, and of course we also took time to recharge those batteries and have loads of fun.

Our favourite restaurant was Samsara, a vegetarian eatary offering international kitchen and to-die-for raw vegan cakes, but we had great local food as well La Piazzetta restaurant as well – the polenta with sautéed mushrooms was such a treat. If you are around make sure you’ll grab a vegan „kürtős kalács” aka chimney cake on the streets of the old city.

Chaplin, the city’s most awesome cocktail bar, and Camino, a beautiful vintage bistro are both must-visits as well. Our most prefered pub turned out to be Insomnia, a local student-favourite, alternative bar.

We said goodbye to this eventful three weeks with a friends and family dinner at a new ’it place’ in Budapest: DOBRUMBA is a Middle Eastern-Mediterranean restaurant and bar, led by a group of creatives including my friend Eszter Laki, graphic designer and soul behind our common project, MENU cookbook.

Budapest got itself a treat with this cozy little spot at the „party district” of the city – it was a bliss to see my dad, sister, aunt, and extended family sharing a table and some delish vegan bites with  my most beloved friends, and most importantly my incredible dad, and my little sister Lola Tara.

The tour has come to an end, but soon I’ll be returning to Budapest – keep an eye on the blog’s FB page to be the first who know’s what’s next, follow me on Insta as @whitecityboy, and if you happen to come to Tel Aviv don’t hesitate to get in touch for tailor made culinary and cultural experiences, or come along to taste the best of our vegan dishes at our home restaurant, Kristóf’s Kitchen.

Special thanks to beauty specialist and expert Ágnes Börzsönyi, hairdresser magician Zsuzska Dercsényi of Mod and Co., and to the skin care specialists, especially Dr. Katinka Pónyai of DermArt clinique for helping me keeping up with myself regardless of the general 4 hours of sleeping per night. I promise to drink more water and get some more rest in the future… maybe in an upcoming lifetime. xoxo

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