How I Get Around Writer’s Block as a Blogger

I’m fortunate enough to have never run out of things to write about. There’s always something awesome going on in Tel Aviv, whether it’s a new restaurant I happen to come across or an interesting story from one of my random days. I also travel a lot, which means I also have more things to share from my trips. That said, even with such a dream job I do run into writer’s block every now and then… 

Photo by Mate Czaban

There are days when I just can’t put the ideas and thoughts I have in mind into blogposts that are easy and enjoyable to read. I’m sure you’ve had this kind of day, too. There are a few things I usually do to get around writer’s block. I’m going to share them with you in this post.

Get Inspired – Stop Writing and Start Reading

A good friend of mine – and a fellow blogger – once told me that you can only write as good as the things you read. Although I have yet to prove if that is true, I can tell you that reading helps a lot with writer’s block. The next time you’re having difficulties writing the things you have in mind, stop trying and switch to reading instead.

Photo by Yarden Rokah for Cool Cousin

What I normally do is write random notes and pointers so I don’t end up forgetting what I was going to blog about. I then pick up a good book and just relax. There is no rush; you don’t have to push yourself to read just to be able to get around your writer’s block. It’s best to let it flow.

Pick a book you actually enjoy reading and just get started. You’ll get lost in the pages before you know it; that’s a good thing. Alternatively, you can browse through other blogs and websites to find inspiration.

Have a Good Laugh – Look at Memes and Pictures

Speaking of browsing through the internet, there are a lot – and I do mean A LOT – of sites where you can browse through memes and pictures. Most of these sites have funny pictures posted by other users; there are thousands to browse through and many more get posted as you scroll down the page.

Photo by Sara Salamon

I have to admit; I enjoy browsing through pictures of travel destinations when I’m having a really bad day. Funny videos are a lot of fun too, especially those involving cute animals or dudes trying to do something awesome and failing miserably.

Go Back To Nature – Take a Walk

The last thing you can try to get around writer’s block is taking a walk. Just leave your desk for a few minutes, put on your yoga pants, and go to a local park or a nearby coffee shop to unwind. The walk itself is quite refreshing and you will feel so much better after just a few minutes.

Photo by Mate Czaban

You can pick up a cup of coffee along the way and sit on a bench to watch other people. People-watching can be a great source of inspiration and interesting stories, too. Again, writer’s block will not be a problem after just a few minutes of walking – or after you’ve tried some of the previous tips we talked about in this article.

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