Confessions of The Messiest Boy In The World

I have been running this blog for quite a few years now, and I exposed some personal issues, shared recipes, and recommended some of my favourite hotspots in Tel Aviv and all across the globe, but now I have a brand new confession to make I never shared with you guys before. I truly am the messiest person in the whole wide world.

But seriously. I simply never know where my wallet, keys, and credit cards are, I have a tendency to lose official papers and licences, re-make them, and then find the original ones at most random spots, such as pockets of pants from the laundry, or inside a cake tin, in the kitchen…

No surprise that small tragedies happen to me countless times. Leaving the house in a rush, taking my boyfriends’s key with me, so later on he would stand in the door waiting for me to return. Going shopping to IKEA after carefully putting together a shopping list – then arriving to the mall empty handed. Sitting in a café, preparing for a lecture on veganism – then leaving the pen drive with the slides on it right the table. Sometimes I’m so annoying, I literally yell at myself, or worse: i decide not to talk to myself until I calm down. And that takes a long time. Very long time.

However, one of these days I came across something truly genius that could solve all my issues – and yours as well, if you are just half as absent-minded as I am. Searching for new innovations from the Start Up Nation to present on a convention I found myself falling in love with a brand new social app. Join the latest Israeli innovation, SoPick, a delivery service where people can help each other out an make money. Way cheaper and much more fun than the usual delivery companies, and for people like me who have a tendency to lose, leave, forget not only phone chargers, but even my bike around Tel Aviv, it’s highly recommended.

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I’m already hooked – my world has changed: “I want a vegan burger, now!”, “I can’t get out of the bed I’m so hangover, and I have no headache pills!”, or simply just sending a signed invoice to one of my collaborators are no longer problems. I’m saved by SoPick – now I only need to figure out what shall I do if I lose my head… which – truth to be told – also happens every once in a while. But that’s a story for a next blog post…

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