Are Wide Leg Jeans Really Back In Style?

As I recently had the luck to collaborate with H&M, having the chance to review and wear the KENZOxHM collection way before it hit the stores in Tel Aviv and Budapest, I started to wonder if the era of skinny jeans are officially over…

I have to admit, I would be very sad having to say goodbye to my favourite pairs, and I honestly hope they can stick around for a while, but diving in the latest trends it’s easy to notice: the wide leg jeans are back in the business.


Photo by Secreto parties, Tuk Tuk Bar Budapest, Casati Hotel

After hosting Cosmopolitan Hungary’s blogger day wearing a pair of sort-of wide leg jeans, and loving it so much, later I even brought it with me for a photoshoot at Tuk Tuk Bar Budapest, this week I asked Rachel Stinson, online fashion stores expert to help me find the answer: is skinny really “passé”, or the surprising truth is that by 2017 we will simply be able to wear whatever we want – including slim fit, or wide leg jeans. Read her tips, fall in love with the wide leg jeans all over again, and once you do, get an awesome pair from the latest HMxKENZO collection…


Photo by Cosmopolitan Hungary

Your favorite skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere, but a few styles are catching on just in time for fall. Are skinnies really a thing of the past? I don’t know about that but wide leg jeans are making a subtle revival. Give your skinnies a break now that the seventies style denim, wide leg jeans are back in style. If you scroll through the street style photos from the New York fashion week, one thing will immediately stand out…


You guessed it right, wide leg jeans! Here are some ways, inspired by women fashion divas, to style and accessorize your wide leg jeans. Kate Bosworth looks stunning in this high-waist, wide leg jeans, paired with shiny loafers and a Prada bag. A simple and casual look for going out and about! Madonna’s daughter, Lola Leon also rocks this day time look. But for a more chic look, you can pair it with a faux leather jacket and stilettos to be the life of any party.


The best part of wide leg jeans is the slender look it gives and the way it makes your legs look a mile long. The whole point of it is to create a long and lean silhouette.

Rachel’s three simple tips to get the best out of your wide leg jeans

High-Waisted Styles – The ideal way to show off those curves is to go for the high-waisted wide leg jeans and really emphasize your curves and edges. Pair it with a crop top and pumps to breathe more life into the outfit.

Tailored Hems – Bring your jeans along with your favourite heels to the tailor. Try them on and use those scissors wisely. Make sure that the tip of the heel should stick out and everything else from the back should be hidden in the jeans’ hem to give a sleek look.

Choose the Right Top – Choosing the right top to go with the wide leg jeans is essential. It is the key to keeping your look lean and clean. Wear the best tucked in shirts, crop tops, tailored t-shirts your wardrobe has to offer. Tucking in a long tee topped with a blazer is also a good way to keep the emphasis on a slender look.

Whether you are going to a party, a get together, meet & greet or a business meeting, wide leg jeans give you the confidence and the comfort level to go about your day. They’re cozy and elegant at the same time. Wide leg jeans are very flattering, comfortable to wear and surprisingly versatile. If you don’t have a pair already, buy the wide leg jeans now!


Photo by Cosmopolitan Hungary

Rachel’s online shopping tip: “You can easily find them at the retail store or you can look it up at any online fashion store, such as eLabelz and add a retro-chic style to your wardrobe to lift up your denim status quo.”

About My Guest Blogger – Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters. Follow the blog on Insta, and catch up with us on FB as well

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