Proud and Vegan – Join me for a COOKING WORKSHOP IN TEL AVIV in collaboration with OUTstandingTravel

Me and the guys and OUTstandingTravel share the same philosophy: we believe that one of the best ways to get to know a place and the people who live there is through its food. The kitchen opens the door to the home, the lifestyle and customs, to traditions and memories, to history and politics.

We want to reveal to you the heart and soul of Israel, to showcase the wondrous bounty of dew-fresh produce with biblical roots, to explore the myriad cultural influences in this marvelous melting-pot, to experience the authentic Israel by getting to know Israeli kitchen.


To give you knowledge, recipes and great memories to take home with you. We have put together this hands-on culinary tour, a delicious journey of discovery that brings you the very essence of what Israel is all about. Join me for a one one one cooking class.


I’m a bestselling cookbook writer, author of Time Out Israel, but most of all I’m a passionate foodie. Indulge yourself with the perfect Israeli breakfast – in a vegan version. Savoury chickpeas omelet, cashew cheese, eggless shakshuka – the Middle Eastern ratatouille- , eggplant marinated in sesame paste, olive oil and lemon, and so much more.


Vegan breakfast for one – $45. For a couple- $80. Brunch with 1.5 hours long cooking workshop for one – $95 – with grocery shopping, the food, and the class. For a couple – $165. Discounts available for groups.

Visit the OUTstandingTravel page for detailed information, and BOOK NOW. xo Kristóf Stener aka WhiteCityBoy Instagram: @kristofsteiner, Twitter: @kristofsteiner 

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