Some Call It Start-Up Nation… I call It Home

Israel’s vibrant startup scene is no secret: it’s called the Start-Up Nation for a reason. Last year I got a very exciting mission from Hungarian news and society site, to show Hungarians around in Israel and share the stories of the most fascinating innovations.

6tag_280316-162254I took the opportunity to show a face of the state I live at which not many people see: I interviewed Jews, Muslims, Christians, Arabs and tourists, new immigrants and old patriots so we can get a clearer picture of this small, yet oh so colorful country. Now the 4 episode movie is out – thanks to all who’s been a part of it, especially to film maker and cinematographer Sandor Cs. Nagy, who I worked together with while travelling around, interviewing inventors, business incubator managers, and enterprenours from Tel Aviv through Nazareth and Jerusalem to the Dead Sea and more.

In Israel We Think Globally and Act Locally

In the first episode we visited StarTau, the Tel Aviv University’s start up department. We also stopped by at MapMe, an incredible start up which allows anyone to create maps without codes.

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The third stop was Webydo – the website building company’s success story is now history.

It is Our Responsibility to Fix the World

In the second part we started at Shpagat, Tel Aviv’s coolest gay hangout spot, chatting about “the gay capital of the Middle East”. Our next stop was No Camels, an online magazine which brings innovation news to the world from Israel day after day.

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One of the most unusual start ups were “Socks Grandma“, a granny who decided to knit goods and involve other elderly people to start a business. Finally we traveled to TOM conference where the goal was creating solutions to people living with disabilities – within 24 hours.

The Wonder Women of Israel

Get to know Propcy better – a site offering unique details about properties, mostly for real estate agents. The next interview shows Whishi, a social site which helps you dress up for any occasion.

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Then we headed to Jaffa’s flea market to “Lean On” a brand new app, giving advices to women of every field of life.

There’s Only One God, and He’s Watching Over All Of Us

The last episode was dealing with tough questions – all answered by the IDF spokes person. Then we drove North to the Nazareth Business Incubator Center to meet Fadi Swidan, who’s helping Arab start ups to get government funds.

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My last talk was with Tristan Azbej, the Science and Technology Attaché at the Hungarian Embassy of Israel. Hope you’re enjoying watching the interviews just as much as we loved creating this film. May many more inspiring jobs like this follow the documentary series.

Can’t get enough of Israel? Wanna feel the TLV vibe? Connect to me on the blog’s FB page, as well my Hungarian language personal page. Instagram: @kristofsteiner.

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