Snacks & The City – My Favorite Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Late Night Bite in Tel Aviv

Living in Tel Aviv the question “where should we eat?” is probably the most common sentence we recite with my friends. The White City is famous from being the Middle East’s most progressive culinary hotspot, thanks to the fabulous combination of Arabian and Mediterranian dishes.

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The local cuisine is so hyped that a legendary Canadian television show, The Foodie List decided to drop by in our city, and among other cool and talented food bloggers they picked me to guide their audience to the restaurants I value the most, and talk about the vegan dishes I could not survive without. Dig in, “beteavon”, enjoy your fabulous meals.


Meshek Barzilay is an adorable restaurand and café, serving mouthwatering, mostly organic dishes. Their menu is filled with surpeises from Indian masala dosa through veggie burgers in steamed buns flavored with beetroot to their signature vegan chocolate dessert, AKA a piece of heaven.

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Yet their most popular hit is the vegan Israeli breakfast with savory chickpeas omlet, dips of many kind, bread basket packed with home made deligts, a small bowl of crunchy salad, and even a mini muffin with cinamon flavored home made jam – for the sweet toothed ones.

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Contact details: Ahad Ha’Am 6, 03-516-6329,


Falafel HaKosem – meaning “The Magical Falafel” is the White City’s best kept secret. There are many falafelias offering deep fried veggie balls in pita bread, but there is only one place where they took it to the next level and menaged to create The Ultimate Falafel Sandwich.

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You can pick from whole wheat or white pita, and even ask for fried eggplants in your sandwich, apart from the regulars of course: hummus, tahini, pickled cucumbers, cabbage salad, and amba, the Middle East’s answer to mago chutney.

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Contact details: Schlomo Ha’melech 1, 03-525-2033


Zakaim is my absolute favorite restaurant in the whole entire world – the only reason I don’t eat there every single night is because it’s not really a budget eatery, yet it worth every single shekel.

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The lovely Persian family runs a place where all dishes are roasted, grilled, chopped and baked to absolute perfection. The kitchen is right in front of you, so you can see how the talented artists, the chefs are creating your dinner, while you indulge in the magical vibe of the restaurant.

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My favorite dish is the roasted egglpant with spicy tomato sauce and tahini dressing and sweet Shabbat bread, “Chala” and I usually pick a garnishing, such as the best fries you’ll ever get: crispy on the outside, creamy in the inside. If you love cocktails as much as I do, don’t miss their “Arak Shkedim” drink, the Middle East’s traditinal anis spirit watered with home made almond milk.

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Contact details: Simtat Beit HaShoeva 20, 03-613-5060,

Late Night Snack

HaAchim means “The Brothers”, and the name says it all. These bros run a cool and hip bistro where they serve traditional Israeli-Arab dishes with a twist – non vegans usually go for their kebabs, but as I usually drop by after 11, and I try not to eat heavy food before a party night so I can dance and drink without falling aslpeep standing, I prefer their most unusual dish, the grilled lettuce.

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Whoever tried mangold or spinach baked in the oven can imagine how wonderful it is to have a bite from a lettuce, soaking in garlic and lemon olive oil, dripping of sesame paste. And for those who just don’t get the concept, I have nothing left to say but – go for it and see it for yourself.

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Contact details: Ibn Gabirol St 12, 03-691-7171 

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This Weekend is Foodie Weekend – Open Restaurants Tel Aviv

Love food? Adore Tel Aviv? Want to meet the best chefs and visit the most famous kitchens of the White City? This weekend is your opportunity to experience the Tel Aviv vibrant culinary scene from within, to discover and get a taste of the daily life of Tel Aviv’s most intriguing chefs!

Open Restaurants®, held in Tel Aviv for the third time, gives the public a chance to experience their favorite Tel Aviv restaurants, from within. Tel Aviv was recently named one of the best destinations for foodies, and nests a dynamic, lively culinary culture, that varies from a high class Mediterranean street food, to hundreds of vegan restaurants of all kinds.

The four day event, taking place on March 8-11 2016, is expected to draw thousands of participants, who are able to enjoy kitchen sneak-peeks, culinary workshops and chef-guided tours of Tel Aviv’s culinary scene and open-air markets. Over 80 restaurants will open their doors to visitors for a delectable experience. The public will enjoy behind the scenes tours of their favorite restaurants, discovering the areas usually hidden from the public eye and will get a taste of the daily life of Tel Aviv’s most intriguing chefs as they meet, cook with and taste their finest dishes.

More info:

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Special thanks to the creators, producers and editors of the show, and “toda raba”, “shukran” for picking me to be the vegan guide of The Foodie List. Follow me on Insta, join the 24 000 people liking my Hungarian FB page and get daly feed from the blog on the FB page of The Whitecity Boy

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