We Are All In The Same Boat – That’s Why My Friends and I Are Hosting a Fundraiser Auction for Syrian Refugees

Now days I’m spending most of my time on my little boat in Jaffa port, and wonder: if boats could speak, they would tell so many stories. Some of them would be fun and joyful, others tearful and scary…


While many of us have the special opportunity to enjoy the sunshine on a boat, living in such a chilled place as Tel Aviv it’s easy to forget: there’s another reality to boats. These days hundreds of them are arrive daily to Europe, carrying desperate citizens of war thorn countries, risking their lives to create a better reality for their families.

Your heart is aching, but you don’t know how to help? Practice the art of giving! Our fundraising event is your opportunity to do something while getting your hands on some awesome items – may it be a book, cool clothing, or a once in a lifetime opportonity for participating a photoshooting, and experiencing a tel avivian vegan breakfast. But how will your small donation help in making a big change?

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In the Kabbalah Centre we learn that wehen we cry out “God! God! Where are you?”, the answer is always “You went the wrong way, buddy! I’m down here, with the people! Karen Berg, spiritual director of the Centre says: “Indeed, a righteous person is someone who is involved in caring about people. Not someone, to be sure, who goes around telling people what to do, but rather, someone who understands that in and of him or herself alone, he or she is nothing but a vehicle, a messenger to bring Light to others in the world.” This is the essence of every religion – we are one, and by heliping others we help ourselves, and the whole world gets to heal.


That’s why I ask you out for a date at übercewl and vegan friendly Cafe Xoho, for an auction, where I’ll be MC-ing the charity event. We don’t see colors, we don’t see religious affiliation, we see human souls. All profits go directly to World Jewish Relief and their project supporting Syrian refugees in Greece and Turkey. This event is all about joining forces as a resourceful community, and networking with like-minded people doing a little bit to help those who need it most.


So join us on Facebook – more info about the items and experiences up for grabs soon to be announced on the event link. See you there, and if you are not in Tel Aviv, remember – there are always endless ways to give – learn more from this awesome guide on how to share by Cotopaxi. They create outdoor products including backpacks, jackets and other travel gear, while donating a percentage of every sale to different organizations across the globe.

Stay gorgeous and generous. xo Kristóf Joseph Steiner, Instagram: @WhitecityBoy 


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