3 Quirky Men’s Accessories You Need to Know about

Since Jared Leto introduced the man bun and long ombre hairstyle for guys, the fashion industry for men changed a lot. These days, top fashion designers are using inspiration from the past and giving men more reason why they should start having fun with accessories, as women have been doing for quite a while now. 


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From fashion pieces to tech gadgets; customized and practical items, the industry for men’s accessories is growing rapidly and you will be spoiled for choice while browsing through any online store. There is a whole list of accessories to get your hands on in 2016 from beautiful noise cancelling headphones to the best pieces of luggage; elegant stationary to impress in the office and bicycles that will make you want to garage your car. But rather than listing a full list of this year’s most coveted accessories, here is a list of three quirky accessories you need to know about this year.

The blanket scarf / The cape

If you are as bold as the GQ guy when it comes to fashion, then you have to leave your thin scarf in the drawer and wear the blanket scarf or the cape this winter. Bold, fashion forward and perfect for the cold winter days, these fashion accessories can be worn with jeans and a shirt, paired with a fedora hat and maybe you could put on some dark, leather ankle boots.


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The blanket scarf, which is best worn by being wrapped well, then let fall on your shoulder, can also be worn with a suit for the office or for a formal event.

The keyring

Maybe it is because we have become so obsessed with style to the tiniest detail, maybe it is because our phones look so sleek when we take them out of our trouser pockets or maybe it is just a way of showing how polished and attentive we have become when it comes to our appearance.


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But somehow, having a keyring that is not a keychain we got when we were thirteen has become an accessory to consider. From leather strips to designer logos; car logos or custom made keyrings, this is one accessory that has been thrust in the spotlight this year.

The backpack

For many years, men stopped using the backpack when they transitioned from school to the corporate world. Once perceived as a childlike accessory that is to be used merely for casual events like a hike or a holiday, these days, thanks to designers redefining our idea of this accessory, the backpack has made a comeback.


Image via www.mensfashionmagazine.com

It has become a coveted accessory that is not only stylish but practical. From bold patterns to leather silhouettes, suede materials and more, these days, men can easily use the backpack for work and play.

Guest author, Regina is a fashion writer, empowering men and women through her writing and fashion tips. If she’s not writing, you can catch her surfing the web for what’s new at Ties’n’Cuffs.

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