Baby, It’s Cold Outside

As November has arrived it’s time to refresh our winter wardrobe, and if doing so, why not to stick with the fun, fancy and funny colors that remind us on the happy summer days? 
If you think hoodies and sweatshirts are too “passé” for you, I’ve got news for you: Vogue magazine recently published an article featuring dozens of trend setter, hoodie-wearing celebrities.
“It seems as if everyone from Kanye West to Rihanna to Kendall Jenner is putting their hoods up these days.” says the Vogue article, and even GQ magazine, every men’s fashion bible stated in a post: “Hoodies are for gentlemen.”
These unique hoodies, long sleeve shirts and pullovers are my personal choices from Sammy Dress, one of my latest discoveries in “online shop paradise”.
What’s special about them?  They offer stylish clothes here, at the lowest price possible.  Affordable and unique fashion stores are not easy to find – not to mention they do express shipping all across the globe.
Cindy Lauper once said: “On your darkest day, wear the brightest outfit.”, and she is so right. If it’s raining out there, we should keep warm inside, and what else could heat up the vibe better than wearing clothes in contrasts with the winter weather.
Once upon a time I was only wearing black, gray, and the 50 shades in between, but as I’m getting older – I’m 33 now – I more and more appreciate exciting prints like this, and bright color combinations – although I still love the classic black and white combo.
Look around and select from over 200 000 designer clothes, indulge yourself with items discounted by 70-90%, click here, and get lost in the ever-colorful jungle of bags, shoes, jewelry, watches and other fashion products.
Stay gorgeous and keep warm – see you next week, and meanwhile follow me on Instagram.

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