Free Your Soul and Lose Control – It’s a Madonna Party in TLV, b*tchez

She is no stranger for the blog, and a true friend of Israel. Put on your pointy bra and prepare to dance the night away, cos this Friday Madonna’s Israeli fan club is arranging an unforgettable party for the craziest motherf*ckers of the Middle East. 


After the past few months’s Madge-bashes this time we can be sure the DJs – Tal Argaman and Stav Ben Yakar – are playing only the Queen of Pop’s songs, and nothing else.


Following the memorable leak Rebel Heart, Madonna’s latest album arrived much earlier than anyone expected – including M herself. Ironically the hacker happened to be Israeli. (Not guilty!) M and Israel were always connected, and not only by her spiritual path, Kabbalah.


Her recent world tour started in Tel Aviv, and the city was one of the hot spots where she presented her short film, Secret Project in 2013. By the end of 2014 a bunch of the final songs were available on her official iTunes, but for the full picture we needed to wait until March, 2015.


The record is symbolizing two different aspects of the artist, the woman, the mother, the celebrity: there’s a sexual, scandalous Madonna, and a romantic, spiritual one – now both being presented on the very same album.


The first song, “Living for Love” was a major hit in the Israeli radios, and the new single, “Ghost Town” is also climbing up the charts, soon to be followed by the upcoming summer’s greatest hit, Bitch I’m Madonna.

Bitch I’m Madonna | Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show 2015Bitch I’m Madonna | Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show 2015

Posted by Divina Madonna on Thursday, April 9, 2015

My absolute favorite track from the new album is Holy Water, produced by Kanye West, co-written by the talented British singer, Natalia Kills. A song sensual and humorous in the same time, in which Madonna is singing about her – let’s just embrace the word – pussy. Well, she already stated in her iconic SEX book back in the 90s: “My pussy is a Temple of learning.”


Join the fan at Helen’s Keller on the 8th of May, Friday – see all the details in the attending link. xoxo, Kristóf Steiner aka Whitecity Boy


All photos by Mert and Marcus for the Rebel Heart album promotion. 

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