Guys and Dogs in Tel Aviv

Here in Tel Aviv we all love it doggy style! We are allowed to take our four legged friends on a shopping trip in a busy mall, for a drink in a popular bar, or even a dip in the sea. No surprise that my dog, Özge was already a star even before I started this blog – thanks to this hot party promotional video, starring him, and drag phenomenon Uriel Yekutiel

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Without doubt: there is no place like Tel Aviv for someone who loves dogs: the White City is just as pet-friendly as gay-friendly. I stopped a few gorgeous guys and their four-legged friends to find out which places in Israel are the best for some “Time Out” to meet some pet-loving gays.

Dror, 29, Pepper, 4, and Toy

The more the merrier?
Actually only the spotty one, Pepper, is mine. Toy is a friend’s dog, but I need to send her home soon because Pepper is super jealous.

Where did you get him?
From an Israeli organization called S.O.S. ( They save abandoned dogs from shelters. 
Where do you go for your regular dog walks? 
The Hashmal Park. It’s a great place for dogs in south Tel Aviv.


Do you ever take him on bigger trips around Israel?
Sure, he always comes with me to Jerusalem to visit my parents. He loves the Holy City!

Do people ever try and pick you up by complementing your dog?
Yes, and it’s really amusing, especially when girls do it, not knowing that I’m gay. The other day a woman stopped me on Nachalat Binyamin Street and started to flirt with me saying that my dog and me really look alike. But Pepper has better instincts: he always goes directly for the good-looking guys and jumps right onto their laps.

Bar, 25 and 
Michael, 3.5

How did your friendship start?
In a dog shelter on Herzl Street…
I saw him and I knew that was it!
Where can we bump into you and Michael?
We live in Florentine, so this is where we usually walk around, or when it’s too late, we just chill in the yard of my flat. But when summer comes, we don’t stop until Hilton Beach, which is the “dog beach” and the “gay beach” at the same time.


Where do you think is the best place for a day in the countryside for dog-lovers?
Around Nahariya. There are amazing fields over there. Michael loves that area, and of course I do too, since it’s where I grew up.

Has Michael arranged any dates for you so far?
Oh, yes he has. Many times guys have come over to me to say “this dog is just as cute as his owner!” A simple dog walk can easily end up as a coffee with a beautiful stranger.

Maor, 34 and Lird, 2 year old

Lird seems to be a proper French Bulldog, right?
Oh yes, she came straight from a kennel in Poleg, Netanya.
And a very young one…
So young that leaving the house is not even an option yet. But once he grows a bit, we’ll first take him to Rabin Square by our house to start discovering Tel Aviv.


Are you going to join so many boys of the White City who are using their dog as an excuse to flirt with guys?
Haha… I already have the best boyfriend, so Lird doesn’t need to help me with that! He belongs to both of us, by the way.

Filippo, 22 and Pamina, 3.5

Where did your lives cross?
She was the abused puppy of my best friend’s flatmate. Her name was Pickles!

Can you imagine that?!
So you just took her?
After her old owner left the country and threatened to abandon her, my instincts took over and I decided to take care of her, even though I can barely take care of myself!


Where is your favorite place to take her in the countryside?

I’ll never forget our vacation to the Banyas river in the north, our first time sleeping out in the open – and waking up so relieved to find her still by my side.


That’s all for the week, folks. Follow me on Facebook for daily updates and fashion, culture and LGBTQ news from sunny Tel Aviv.

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