The Many Shades of Food

The blue soup is no more a famous screw-up by Bridget Jones – rather a cool photographic exhibition, created out of love for food and art, and that which connects them. Israeli-Hungarian photographer Dan Lev created a project to tickle your tummy and touch your soul.


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Dan Lev has been working as a professional photographer for over twenty years. He is considered one of the best photographers of food in Israel. He works closely with Chefs and restaurants, provides photographs to many cookbooks and to the magazine ‘Al Hashulchan. Colorfood is his third exhibition and it represents his own original approach to the world of contemporary cuisine.

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On the 3rd of November in Dan Lev Studio the Israeli chef Guy Gamzo from Aria Second Floor restautant – a rising star in the local culinary scene – entered the team and creates work inspired by the color orange. The Italian Ambassador, Francesco M. Talo, and Galit Peleg, director for the Israeli Pavilion at Expo 2015 attended the shooting, together with bloggers, journalists, Israeli chefs and guests from the world of art and the food industry.



This exhibition came from an idea of color as inspiration, and it went through desires and emotions, fantasies and memories, disappointments and ideas, opinions and emotional storms. “The daily grind of a photographer, a chef and a stylist prompted the impulse to stop for a moment, to allow infinite creativity, talent, and a flight of emotions. And thus, a show was born.” – says Dan.



Each contributor is an artist with a unique voice – Dalit Russo, Talia Gon Aseef, Rotem Nir, Uriah Geva, Keren Barak, Eli Hofner and Gil Atlan. What’s next? From the 14th to the 18th of November 2014, the Colorfood team will travel to Italy, from OltrePò Pavese to Milan and the province of Monza and Brianza, to create and photograph the artworks by nine Italian cooks.

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At the party we also had the change to taste the best bread I’ve ever eaten in my whole entire life: the Israel based French bakery, Adon Shifon has the most incredible smoked beetroot and black pepper loaf on this planet. Our evening was also sweetened and refreshed by the mouthwatering wines of  the Jerusalem based Domaine du Castel.



The cherry on the top was that I had the chance to interview Dan for TV2, a popular Hungarian channel, and as he told me, he still feels “culinary connected” to his roots, mentioning his favorite dish, rakottkrumpli. Talking about the next big thing he explained about the upcoming Colorfood Expo tour in Italy.

Interviewing Dan Lev - Photo by Judith Goldstein

Interviewing Dan Lev – Photo by Judith Goldstein

Guy Gamzo and Dan Lev working on a new piece - Photo by Judith Goldstein

Guy Gamzo and Dan Lev working on a new piece – Photo by Judith Goldstein

This unique project tells and expresses – by means of food – Chefs’ creativity given off by inspiration, by colors and by the ingredients that best represent them. If you happen to be in Italy, for all the fabulous locations and details click here.



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