Around the World in Israel

From the many wonders of Israel one of the best is that travelling around the country feels like… being everywhere. Skiing on the Hermon mounten, floating on the Dead Sea, getting lost in the enchanted bazaar of Jerusalem, and dancing to pumping electro in Tel Aviv – all these, and so much more are waiting for those who decide to go travel the world… ba’aretz. 

Around the world - photo by

Around the world – photo by

1. Goa – Sharon National Park Beach

Hof Hasharon National Park by

Hof Hasharon National Park by

There is a little piece of Heaven just off the main road from Tel Aviv to Haifa, next to a phantom village, Arsuf Kedem – it’s literally off the maps of Israel. That’s where you arrive to Goa… even if sometimes it will feel like you’re actually walking on the moon. Park your car by the dirt road, take a walk on the cliffs of Sharon National Park, and walk down to the beach by a waterfall-made path. Namasté!

2. Paris – Tel Aviv’s Masaryk square

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Tel Aviv’s “Petit Paris” is spreading around the side streets of Masaryk Square, and with it’s little cafés, romantic restaurants and shady benches it brings you right on the Montmartre. The cherry on the top is the authentic French bookstore, just off Rabin Square. Opened in 1968, this “mignon” little shop has has French fiction, philosophy, cooking and much more in stock.

Address: 14 Kikar Masaryk Tel: (03) 524-3835 Site:

3. Rome – Piccola Pasta restaurant in Tel Aviv 

Piccola Pasta by

Piccola Pasta by

Whatever you’re hooked up on – penne, spaghetti or fettucine – this tiny restaurant on Ben Yehuda will convince you that you have so much more to discover. Offering an unusually wide range of delicious pastas and mouthwatering wines Piccola Pasta is the perfect manifestation of an Italian home’s kitchen, just a street corner away from the beach of Tel Aviv.

Address: 12 Mendele St., Tel Aviv. Tel: 03 620-3257 .

4. Bukarest – Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv 

Still from the movie "Police, Adjective" - a Romanian classic

Still from the movie “Police, Adjective” – a Romanian classic

Stimulating local artists, supporting young talents and promoting Romanian civilization are the main goals of the institution. Specialized for introducing Romanian cinematography, fine arts and theatre the founders and volunteers have been also developing new opportunities of promoting Romanian culture in Israel. Get to know what are they all about and visit their international conferences, workshops and master classes.

Address: Bd. Shaul Hamelech nr. 8, 64733 Tel Aviv. Phone: +972-3-696 17

5. Beijing – Pagoda House, Tel Aviv 

Pagoda House in Tel Aviv by

Pagoda House in Tel Aviv by

Don’t be surprised if you bump into an eastern-style pagoda in the middle of Tel Aviv. The house was built in 1924, and it was designed by the architect Alexander Levy. During the architectural boom of the 1920s everything was possible – and combining Oriental and Western style elements sounded like a good idea. The recently renovated Pagoda House is one of the most controversial buildings in the White City.

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Address: King Albert Square on the corner of Nahmani and Montefiore streets

6. Sidney – Gan Guru Kangaroo and Koala Park

Gan Guru is an alternative zoo, introducing the Australian wildlife as you never seen before. Kangaroos, koalas, Australian birds are waiting for the children and the adventurous grown ups: here you don’t only get to see the animals, but you can feed and pet them as well. Are you ready to jump?

Below the Gilboa ridge, right next to the Sachne (Gan Hashlosha) Park. 0972+04-6488060, 04-6488952

7, Mexico City – San Pedro Cactus Farm

Far from the noise of the city, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the desert you can wonder through 20 dunam of botanical cactus gardens. Have some Poike cooked over fire, chill on the porch, watching the sunset, sipping the home-made Sabar wine, and if you just can’t get enough, you can even spend the night here. Cactus collectors come from all over the world to find special plants they never even seen before… why not be one of them?

Address: Moshav Talmey Yosef, Negev. Phone: 08-9982989, 050-7549648.

8. Havana – Cigar Bar in the David Intercontinental Hotel 

Inca Cigar Bar by

Inca Cigar Bar by

Super posh David InterContinental is located just where Tel Aviv’s artist village, Neve Tzedek reaches the shores of the sea, close to old Jaffa with its flea market, and historic sites. No wonder that the city’s best (and only one world class) cigar bar, The Inca opened it’s gates right in the lobby. Grab a delightful snack and a glass of your favourite cognac with your cigar, and just lay back enjoying the ultimate Cuba-experience… in the Middle East.

Address: 12 Kaufman street, Tel Aviv, Telephone: (Front Desk) +972-3-7951111

9. Tokyo – Taiko Studio Japanese Tea House in northern Israel 

Traditional Japanese home cooking and meditative atmosphere meets in the home of Taiko Kushida Eliash, who is married to Israeli Shlomo Eliash. Taiko is not simply a hostess, she is also an artist: her beautiful, hand painted kimonos are famous all over Israel. The Japanese-style house, high up on Mount Kamon has a magnificent panorama of the Sea of Galilee. Time for a tea!

Location: about half-an-hour’s drive north of Kfar Kedem, just a little south of the city of Karmiel. Telephone: 04-9884989

10. Amsterdam – “Dutch Bike” shops in Tel Aviv 

Israeli biker by

Israeli biker by

Now that the famous Amsterdam-style “Dutch bikes” are back in fashion (even Chanel came up with a design), Tel Aviv’s famous bycicle doctors are having more job then ever. For just 300 shakels you can get a pimped up vintage roadster, and if you wish your bike will be blossoming by the time you’ll pick it up from the service: in Tel Aviv a Dutch bike without painted flowers is like hummus without chickpeas.

Walk on Shenking street from Rotschield Boulvard to the direction of Alenby street. You’ll find the second hand bike shops by turning right on the side streets Melchett and Feierberg.

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