Amirim – Vegan Village Experience in Israel

Terraces facing the Golan Heights, blossoming fruit gardens and rustic wooden cabins. This village on these magical hill takes you back in time and space into a place with no noise, stress, or negativity of any sort. Dinner for two in the patio while listening to the best local musicians, the crickets, anyone?




The shiny little Northern Star of Israel, Amirim, could be a synonym for coziness, looking down on the Sea of Galelee, on the green vallies of the surrounding hills.


The village, established by a vegetarian society who built ten little guesthouses with the help of the state of Israel, is now a blooming holiday spot for romantic getaways, spiritual and physical rejuvenation and culinary elevation.


The two spectacular hills forming the village were once abandoned by North-African emigrants, due to difficulties in settling here: rocks all around, no water, constant winds, but in exchange beautiful view to Lake Kinneret.


The vegetarian adventurers started growing gardens, and as more people arrived to build their homes, the village became an example for an international success story.


By your “zimmer” – this is the name of the cozy cabins in Israel – you can hop into the jacuzzi, get a relaxing massage, or take a relaxing walk.


Not to be missed: order some vegan delicacy from local culinary artist and food therapist, Chef Alon – his number is 054-8133139 – or watch movies on the flat screen, choosing from the impressive collection of DVDs.


We visited Ohn-Bar guest house – the health center, run by Dr. Ohn-Bar, a kind lady with a PhD in natural health sciences and a masters degree in educational psychology, rehabilitation counseling , psycho-physiology and biofeedback – plus she is the mother of 5, and a grandmother of 4 – and all the family is vegan.


Also, try out Rishikes, the local Indian restaurant, serving a delicious thali.


If being a city girl or a big town boy you just can‘t handle the silence, get into your car and travel around the valley; the beaches of the Tiberias Lake. Being thirsty for a spiritual experience visit Zafed’s holy cemetery.


The famous spring of the great Kabbalist teacher, HaAri is also close by, and you can take a dip in the pool – Kabbalists believe that a mikvah meditation removes several layers on negative karma.

IMG_20141023_072538 (1)

They say that the sage was fluent in the language of animals, flowers and even the wind… and in this wild yet peaceful spot of Israel, such unusual claims don’t even seem so strange.  At the local Kabbalah Centre in Tiberias you can ask a teacher to tie up your protecting red string.


How to get there? Catch a bus leaving from Haifa or Zafed – nr. 361 and nr. 501 -, or from Jerusalem – nr. 982 to Zafed every two hours. Amirim is not an official stop so ask the bus driver to do a quick drop off for you. Otherwise get off at Meron Junction and switch to bus nr. 361 back to Amirim. By car or bike use the Akko-Amiad Road – nr. 85, drive to Hananya Intersection at junction nr.1, then take road nr. 866 to Zafed. After 5 kilometers you’ll reach the vegetarian paradise. 


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