Confessions of a Gay Kabbalist

When a Kabbalah talks about homosexuality, it becomes obvious: being gay is about a lot more than simply sex. In fact: it’s a special opportunity to reveal more spiritual Light.

Poster from Evita bar's Gay Pride event

Poster from Evita bar’s Gay Pride event

“Explain me one thing.” asked me a rather sarcastic friend of mine. “How can all these total camp Madonna wannabes study Kabbalah, when hard core Judaism does not accept homosexuality?”. That’s when I decided I want to write about what the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah teaches about homosexuality.

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Yehuda Berg, co-director of the Kabbalah Centre, author of the bestselling book “Kabbalah on Sex” says treating all people with human dignity is an essential tool of Kabbalah. Not because of moral issues, or following dogmas and religious rules, but simply because judgement is disconnecting us from our mission.


“The purpose of our life is to transform ourselves. We must exchange our selfish desires to the wish to receive for the sake of sharing with others. When any two people commit to taking that journey together, to being sharing and conscious of the effect their actions have on the world, they reveal great Light in the world.” says Ashton Kutcher’s personal Kabbalah teacher, who’s been named as “The Agent of Change” in the field of education by GQ magazine’s The Gentlemen’s Fund.


Most people simply focus on the sex part of homosexuality, which is not surprising at all, knowing how much we all “live in a material world”. “The concept of male and female do not necessarily refer to a physical male and female body, according to Kabbalah.” says Karen Berg – the first woman who opened up the gates of the Kabbalah Centre for female, gay, and non-Jewish students. “These are the positive and negative charges that exist in the unified soul.”


Male, or “giving” energies can be drawn into a female body, and female, or “accepting” energies can be found in all men. All of us has a certain combination of these energies, which affects our sexuality. In fact, Kabbalah also has an explanation for why are some of us more feminine, while other gay guys are more “manly”.


“In gay relationships, it’s not unusual that one partner has more female qualities and the other more male ones – this is a direct result of the particular male or female energy that shines in each person’s soul.” says Berg. Our teachers explain that there is no such thing as someone being a mistake: the package we land on this Earth with belongs to us for a reason – so homosexuality can never be judged in the name of God.


Yehuda finishes his chapter on homosexuality with a profound example: “Suppose we have a heterosexual couple that mistreat their friends and business colleagues, and their actions lack any form of human decency. Suppose we have a gay couple that shares a life distinguished by a constant striving to be kind toward others. Which couple, according to the teachings of Kabbalah, reveals greater Light in the world? Answer? (No surprise here.) The gay couple.”

Ask for a teacher to tie your lucky red string at the Kabbalah Centre in Tiberias, Haifa, and Tel Aviv while you’re in Israel. Read more about my journey with Kabbalah in Hungarian, and love my Facebook for daily soul-and-eye-candy from Israel.

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