The Picture Album of the Sweetest Rosh Hashanah

The “Jewish New Year’s Eve”, Erev Rosh Hashanah is behind us, but the memories are here to bring a smile on our faces through the whole holiday season. Get inspired, and celebrate with us!


Our Chinese Crested, Özge put on his “holiday shirt” – it was a gift from a fellow Madonna fan friend, who ordered it from American Apparel.


…and this is only the close family. In Israel it’s a tradition to keep family together, no matter what – something I learnt here, coming from a really small Hungarian family.


Vegan heaven: since half of the people around me turned vegan she became an incredibly creative cook.


Chickpeas from heaven, and a colorful salad – and this was only the tip of the iceberg… I mean “foodberg”.


The grande celebration: my raw vegan chocolate cake topped with peanut butter.


The next day we visited Zihron Yaakov, a fairy tale-like small town between Haifa and Tel Aviv, close to the shore. We had the best handmade chocolates – check out my tips towards the end.


I was captivated by the beauty of this place – a universe of it’s own, cannot be compared to anything.


I got this beautiful tea pot in one of the many cool art and home decoration shops in Zihron. For a detailed list of the galleries, find the listing on the bottom of this post.


What do you all think about our new carpet, also bought in Zihron Yaakov? I believe the doggies just love it.


Saying good bye to Rosh Hashanah with a brunch – on our rooftop, with friends. May we all be together next year – sharing the love we have for each other, and with this positive energy may we create a better future for Israel, the Middle East, and the whole entire world, with all of it’s beautiful creatures on it. Amen.

The most fabulous shops in Zihron Yaakov are listed on this great travel blog, Israel Travel Ideas. For the most perfect homemade chocolates filled with passion fruit, blackberries, and love, visit

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