Come to Jerusalem, come in peace

This September Jerusalem calls for a celebration of unity, love, and music. The ancient city walls turn into temples of all religions, uniting continents, definitions and faiths.


The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival, returning this year for a third time, is much more than a festival of magnificent music; the project calls out to musicians of every color and creed to come to Jerusalem and celebrate their unique traditions.


The festival celebrates a Jerusalem that transcends conflict, fissures and divisions, and believes in the power of heavenly music to act as a source of love, peace and unity.


I invite you to share special moments of a journey that begins in the ears and culminates in the heart. Join us as we attempt, if only for a few days, to break through Jerusalem’s physical barriers, the dark divisions in its heart.


The festival is returning this year in a significantly expanded yet concentrated format that will include intriguing collaborations between Israeli and foreign artists, open-air performances.


The organizers are also presenting a series of intimate meetings with the musicians at the Jerusalem Music Center.


Under a canopy of stars, the Tower of David will be our host for a few days of unforgettable musical celebrations. The ancient citadel reveals all of the history of the most complex city in the world – it can be found in the tales its stones can tell.


Detailed program and information at the Jerusalem Season of Culture Facebook page. All photos by Noam Chojnowski.


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