Didn’t you know? War Is Out Of Fashion!

“War, war, war. This war talk is spoiling the fun at every party.” – says Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind, and she is so right. We are sick of justifying ourselves, tired of reading the news, and most of all fed up with the judgment.

If one lives in Tel Aviv chances are high that for the pro-Palestinians he is too Zionist, but for the local patriot Israelis he’ll be too Arab-friendly. Story of my life! Therefore alongside my longtime collaborator and friend, Israeli-Hungarian artist, Doron Ritter‘s visual expression of war and peace I’m sharing with you my answers to everyone who in the past month of the Middle East crisis identified me with a war – just because I happen to live in a country called Israel.


I love, appreciate, and identify with the Jewish and Israeli culture – but that doesn’t mean I don’t I love and appreciate Arab culture – that’s why I live in Jaffa where Israeli Arabs are my neighbors and friends.


I don’t like war, yet if kids are at war protecting my ass, I’m gonna send them dry towels and chocolate. I don’t like Hamas, yet I feel pain for every child in Gaza. As every life is meaningful, my heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one – if it’s a soldiers’s mother, if it’s a Gaza victim’s mother.


So who’s land is this? Everyone’s who wish to live in peace. I believe Israel and Palestine both have the right to exist, without meaning danger on each other. I believe in the past both Israelis and Palestinians did horrible things to each other, and I’m not for forgetting the past, but I’m for forgiving, and starting a fresh new page with no more blood.


Yes it’s awful that so many dies in Gaza, yet on a political level I see it as a responsibility of the government they elected for themselves: Hamas, who hides rockets in schools, fires from mosques and escapes with ambulance cars packed with kids. I also understand that this resistance was created because of the insensitive and often offensive way of dealing with the delicate situation.


You can believe in another reality, it’s your given right – I curiously observe yours, and make up my mind using all the information I have. I always understand that my “reality” is only a thin slice of the actual reality, since we have no idea what’s really going on. For the rationals: this is happening on so much higher level than “Israel” and “Hamas”. For the religious: God’s mysterious ways always lead us exactly where we’re supposed to get. Dead or alive, it’s not our choice to make.


I believe there are extremists in every country, and their actions don’t label a full race, country, or ideology. I try to focus on similarities and unity. I’m never afraid to change my mind about things, I see the ability change as a power, and not as a weakness.


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