I left my heart in Mykonos (so I want to go back to leave it there again… and again… and again)

If falling in love with Mykonos would hurt, I’d be in so much pain right now! Listen up people, you just book the next flight and fu*king get there! Gay, straight, bi, trans, metro and whateversexuals of ANY age – be my guest on a journey I experienced for the first time in my life: an absolutely perfect vacation.



Welcome to the gayest island in the world, where this word still has it’s original meaning: “happy” – our personal selection of silly and über cool summer hits from the Island right here, right now, just for you.Put it on while taking a trip in blue and white heaven.


We booked a last minute flight on my favorite travel app, Hulyo, and picked a place with a balcony: Marina’s studios were clean, had incredible view, and the staff was lovely. Special thanks to nearby Eva hotel‘s kind and helpful owners and workers as well. IMG_20140804_122909

The village is called Ornos, and it’s located between two gorgeous bays, a posh one with sunbeds and chilled music, and a wild one for surfers.


You can take a boat to any of the close beaches – my pick is Super Paradise, Jackie O. pool bar.


The pool party starts around 4.30, the DJ plays it all from Rihanna and Beyoncé through Nancy Sinatra and the Pet Shop Boys ’til Abba, Pharrel, and naturally Madonna. But as you can see her admirers of every sex and age,the greatest hit is queen Priscilla


Seriously the hottest drag we’ve ever seen, sassy, stylish and professional, funny and sexy in the same time.


We adored her brunette grand sister as well who did a fab Liza impression.


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We rented a little motorcycle (and named it Sylvie), and hopped in to Mykonos town. The most beautiful ten minutes ride on the coast. Shopping in Mykonos town is fantastic. You can find just about any brand from TopMan to local designer stores, and of course authentic souvenirs… like this one here, cheeky advertisement for another amazing party line on Super Paradise Beach.


We found a fabulous art gallery called Rarity – probably the most creative and fascinating pieces of modern art I’ve ever seen. The guys running it deserve a full post in my culture shock column soon…


Only one disappointment: we climbed up a mountain to see the sunset show at a posh gay hotel, Elysium. More like asylum… sorry, guys, a bit uptight for my taste. Besides that, after the rich cocktails of Jackie O. we were sad to slurp the sugary-watery drinks.


The panorama is spectacular, but the drag show had no spirit and a tired New Yorker drag was nagging the crowd on giving tips 3 times through a 4 performances show. But I do salute the curator of the hotel’s men’s fashion store – local luxury items with a twist, mainly for thick wallets.


Walking home 8.30 AM after leaving Jackie O. club downtown at 4.30. AM. What happened in between? “Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.”


As we are vegan foodies we usually cooked back in our apartment – we did a 150-200 Euros shopping in the local supermarket, and we were done for 5 days, including wine, vodka, beer and ouzo, load of fresh and juicy veggies, to-die-for olives, and more. Here’s a vegan burger I cooked. Stop drooling.


But sometimes we treated ourselves with some luxury – like the pizza place on Ornos beach, a lovely Italian restaurant where we asked for vegan pizza, and they did pretty well. Nice, simple house wine.


We also had to allow ourselves to ask for a drink from this Freddie Mercury incarnation. Watch as he is shaking his booty behind the bar at Jackie O.  Making the best cocktails just by telling him: “Very strong, not too sweet, not too much ice.”


Every holiday has to end – but I must say, Mykonos’s airport is the funnest one I’ve ever been to… and I’ve been to many, trust me. There are playful cats walking around, u can brows in dozens of Barbie and Ken dolls and Disney princesses, try different olive oils…


…and buy a “Sex in the Ancient Greece” playing card to pass the time as you are waiting for your flight, as some does…

IMG_20140810_200839 (1)

Back in Tel Aviv Jaffa we enjoy being home with our friends, family and doggies, and whenever we wanna go back at heart, we turn on this playlist we made and go through these eternal memories, taken by our Cannon G15.







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