When You Can’t Bear The News Anymore…

…take a walk in the White City and gather some hope and energy from all the beautiful people around you. 


Start on Rotschield street, and watch the youngsters enjoying the freedom many on this part of the world can’t even dream of.


Look at the future generation of Tel Aviv Women, symbols of strength, sensitivity and power.


Have an espresso in the kiosk on Herzl-Rotschield corner, which has been standing here for a hundred years, through peace and war.


Notice how empty the city is these days – and allow yourself to feel sad for a few minutes.


Smile when you see: creativity and art survives through any chaos, and give respect to the talented people keeping this city alive.


Take time to meet with friends, and take a flawless selfie, even if you need a really bright filter to cover your pain.


Take your dogs to the beach and admire how animals can be dis attached from any form of suffering – simply by playing.


Notice that there is always a blue sky above the rocket fire.


Show how you value and promote coexistence – Visit Jaffa, the Arab old town, and get yourself a hummus (and maybe a fake Louis Vuitton).


Sit down on a bench, and just rest.


Wherever you hear music, stop for a moment, and enjoy it. It’s a gift, and it probably has a message to you.


And once you arrive home…


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