A Home with Heart – Enterior Design by Noa Kaplan-Levi

Ever since we moved in to our home close to Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv, I’m obsessed with making the house cozy and beautiful. That’s why I was so happy to meet Noa Kaplan-Levi, one of the White City’s most talented enterior designers. This week I’m introducing her work, while showing you some of the breathtaking spaces she worked on. 


Noa was a student at Shenkar Design School – just like many other Israeli fashion and enterior designers. But it wasn’t only the creative environment that gave her the final push to get into professional home creating.


“I always loved spaces, and I loved to play with re-arranging furniture. On top of it, I’m a very home and family-orientated person.” – says Noa.


“After I got pregnant and I wanted to make a big change in my life. I became a real estate agent and subconsciously started to learn about the needs of people who are looking for the perfect home.”


Noa is convinced that selling houses helped her a lot to learn how to combine practical approaches with beauty.


“Each person needs his own kind of house. Asking an enterior designer’s help is like going to a tailor instead of just buying clothes in random shops.” – she says.


Her rule nr. 1 is that she’s never imposing her taste on clients: “My role is to combine their vision and the furniture, accessories and drapes they love and turn it into something harmonic. This is what makes a home a warm, fun place where you can be yourself.”


With Noa’s help I made some minor changes in the house – concentrating on trying to spend as little as possible. Here are 5 tips that can turn any apartment into a home with it’s own heartbeat. To reveal the source of the pics click on the items.

1. If your ceiling is not high enough, create a greater space by putting up long curtains, hanged from the ceiling, reaching the floor.


2. Don’t be afraid of hanging pictures on the walls on random places, like the bathrooms or staircases.


3. Pillows are great to bring colors in your home – if you need a touch of orange, blue, or any other dramatic color, just get some extra pillows on your sofa.


4. Play with the textures: dare to combine metal with wood and stones. Everything shows it’s qualities better with something significantly different next to it.

Classic Scandinavian Furniture for Outdoor Living Space Design Fascinating Outdoor Chair Design Traditional Deck with Wooden Floor Brick Wall

5. Once and for all: wallpapers are not for grannies anymore. You don’t need to cover a whole room – one wall, or even a small element trimmed with wallpaper can create an exciting change in your home.


Got inspired? Hire Noa Kaplan-Levi as your personal enterior designer: have her in your home to give you professional tips, and help you picking the right furniture, tiles, drapes, colors and more. Website: noakaplan.co.il, phone: 00-972-(0) 544955431, mail: noa@noakaplan.co.il


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